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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Slashing the Pop: AI 8 Top 4

Well about damn time we had a decent episode of American Idol, it's been a long, cold, lonely season. Perhaps I'm just biased because of the smoking hot guest mentor, the rock format. I was pleasantly surprised at how easily Slash handled the show and the contestants. One wish, he'd have removed the shiny glasses but then Slash rarely removes the them. They're like Ritchie Sambora's trademark hat or Superman's cape.

It was obvious from the opening viewers were in for a different experience. One thing Ryan Seacrest was more subdued, reason for that - one of the large revolving American Idol stage tower fixtures tried to do away with itself and others by toppling over, injuring an unsuspecting stage manager. This act of random mechanical violence failure cost the show the usual pre-show rehearsal which, after watching last night, might be a good future move. The equipment speaks, producers listen or next week that other tower might decide to take a dive.

Adam Lambert, first up, selected Led Zepplin's 1970 hit, "Whole Lotta Love". Initially the surrealism tied into this song being performed on Idol clouded my judgment, I had to rewind to watch it again. gLambert did a good job with it - considering this a Robert Plant song, the level of difficulty. Loved his emo hair, the silvery leather and the chains, smoking hot; Adam brought the sex, the heat, he was beautiful.
"Whole Lotta Love" Adam gLambert

Paula thought Adam brought the 'whole lotta perfect' and Simon impulsively told Adam he would have the best performance of the night. Kara on the other hand once again sounded like the overly embellishing tool she is, calling Adam a "Rock God". He did a good job but obviously she has no idea what the hell "Rock God" means.

Allison Iraheta looked great too having her hair coifed by Adam's (naturally he would know the best) hair stylist. She rocked the triple hues and the cut. I've recently taken to smoothing my hair and wearing bangs, perhaps I need try coloring like that. Really liked it. Anyway back to song coverage, she chose wisely with Janis Joplin's "Cry Baby", the smokey Joplin vocals a good match for Allison's.

Kara once again does not disappoint presenting yet another inane, asinine comment, "you have no personality, but you adopt a personality when you sing." Allison gives them a little sass but that won't have any bearing on what happens tonight. The other judges prattled on.

Next, the first of the duets, Hokey and Kris were paired to sing "Renegade" by Styx. They do a passable job during the harmonizing moments. Kris held his own with Hokey who trickled a little soul sound into the tune. Simon winds up telling the Hokester he outsang Kris - this the first indication that Kris Allen may be singing "Come Together" tomorrow night.

Kris Allen did The Beatles' "Come Together", incorporated the styling of Jason Mraz. Thing is Allen is not a rock guy, he's Jason Castro 2.0 and it would be hilarious to see Castro try to rock out with any believability. Same here with Kris. He hasn't the vocal force to back it up. He did a passable job and he did have the balls to jam with Slash, because just holding a guitar near him might make you wet your pants. The judge panel was oblivious - his new name, Under-the-Bus Allen.

Randy's comment, "I wasn't blown away...the vocals were weak, but that's not your thing anyways." Simon compared Allen to eating ice for lunch. Kara told Kris it just wasn't great.
"Come Together" Kris Allen (video is like watching him in the shower through glass doors, but it'll do)

Hokey Karaoke Gokey (HKG) figured he'd "Dream On" and humorously interposed the lyrics about midway with some sort of improvisational, 'dodata tado datado" part that had Darling Daughter laughing. Love her. HKG then proceeds to screech like an emissary from Hell toward the end of the performance. Seriously. Hell.

"Last note was like watching a horror movie, like Friday the 13th. Where I think with Adam it kinda worked, with you it didn't work so much," Simon said.
To endure the entire thing, click HERE; good luck with that.

Allison and Adam are fittingly paired for "Slow Ride" by Foghat; they bonded over the same hair stylist and so it must come to pass they sing together. I have to say I hate this song. Hate. DMan went through this period of hounding flea markets and what not for old vinyls and came home with the album this tune is on. (yes, I have a turntable and I love it)Unfortunately for me, he became obsessed with the album and played it over and over again to the point I think I've developed an allergy. Interesting song choice because this isn't exactly a duet oriented tune. It's more like a repetitive tripping on acid, rock conglomeration consisting of few lyrics created for band mates immersed in a psilocibin manic trance. It's quite different than the Hokey and Under-The-Bus' duet as there's not a harmonizing component, instead Adam and Allison do this dueling banjo thing, sans banjos and insert vocals. So okay, maybe not like dueling banjos at all.
"Slow Ride" Allison and Adam do Foghat

Judge comments were pretty embarrassing, Randy YO-YO-YO'd, Kara called them Rock god and Goddess, Paula said they made a 'perfect marriage' and Simon gave Allison the nod she's through to top three.

Checking in with DialIdol, which has been pretty much wrong anyway all season, it seems Allison is tied with Kris for the bottom two. B-3 tonight should be everyone but Adam.


  1. jerseyirish12:17 PM

    Sunny, As usual great recap of the night. Didn't feel Adam as in weeks past for some reason last night, thought he was good, but wasn't bowled over by his performance.

    Allison, for so young she did a great job, thought she nailed it.

    Danny and Kris the rock just isn't for them, they gave it a good effort but just didn't come across well. And Danny that last note of the song, geez that was awful.

    I'm thinking Kris will leave tonight. Thats interesting Kris and Allison are tied, what do they do in that event if they have the same number of votes? Wonder if that ever happened.


  2. jerseyirish1:04 PM

    Sunny, I'm sure you have already seen it but here's the link to SMB video, loved it:



  3. Thanks JI, actually I've been out all day got in the door about 10 minutes ago and just poured myself a glass of wine. I'll go watch it. (hugs)

  4. JI, I love how he looks. Fabulous, as far as the vid with the ladies and all it's okay but the way this is shot brings sexy out. That's a good thing. I'll have to tell him.

  5. jerseyirish6:50 PM

    Sunny, I thought the same thing little sexual overtones, but not overdone. Thought the way it was shot really made his sex appeal way up there.


  6. Hahahaha, Sunny! So much to love in your wonderfully descriptive review!!
    My fave part has to be your thoughts on "Slow Ride". Seems there is no small amount of bleh over this tune, most of it stemming from its placement on Guitar Hero 3. It's the first tune to and all of are forced, FORCED, to pluck through it OVER AND OVER AND OVER again, on our way to releasing our own inner ROCK GODs and GODDESSes!!
    Although I loved Ax2, I can appreciate your pain. :)

  7. That was a shocker all the way around. Even Kris was surprised. Too bad we didn't get to hear Hokey's shriek that was heard 'round the world one last time tonight.

    Can't wait to see Adam's homecoming celebration.

  8. jerseyirish8:01 AM

    Sunny, I was sorry to see Allison leave last night. For her age she seems almost like a seasoned pro.

    Adam's homcoming should be very interesting!!!

    I had thought all along that the final 2 would be Adam and Danny. But I think Kris stands a chance of being in the final 2, he really seems to have a strong following.