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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Taylor, Elliot tops of the Night

Taylor Hicks, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”

Taylor wanted to do some dancing last night, and I wanted to see him dance! Spaz-sexy-tastic! Wearing a jacket that seemed to perfectly match his hair, Taylor came out and gave his fans what we have been begging for all week! (Give it to me, Mack Daddy!) The microphone stand kick move has been garnering a lot of comments, but Taylor baby, if they're talking that's what matters! I loved it, loved it loved it! And sing! man! - even when gyrating, hip swivelling spazdancing, he stays on key...

Quoting off of the "Idols on Fox" site, Tyler said, " HE'S BACK!!! The vocals kicked eighteen different flavors of butt! The dancing was pure Taylor paradise! The Grey Fox and his Soul Patrol have come back to full power. And smeg off, Simon! Vocals: 24. Performance: 15. Other: 8. Total: 47."
and from Bruce: "This was the one. One singer knew that the only way to sing Queen is to throw caution to the winds and just let it rip for whatever it’s worth. The best Taylor performance ever. It wasn’t even a close call. It made tuning in worth it for me. 10"

Simon asked Taylor, if he was drunk, I'm with Tyler, 'smeg off' Simon. Simon didn't expect the Wild popularity of Taylor Hicks. The Hicks phenomenon has thrown him off guard; and since he KNOWS EVERYTHING about popular music and what would sell, this is just a mind-boggling ordeal for him. Randy and Paula just beam at Taylor, it's good to be right.

Taylor is completely entertaining. No doubt about that. Apparently the mass viewers watching American Idol seem to think so as well. He is in no danger of being voted off this week. NONE.

"I don't know whether we should give you a record deal or a straitjacket." Paula Abdul said.

Elliot Yamin, Taylor's roommate on Idol, performed "Somebody to Love" and did a great job! I like him more every week. Bucky did passably well and should be safe for another week; some folks on the 'boards' have tried to make him out to be a dumb country boy - but he has been making the right decisions on song choices, made changes when necessary (no more Jessica Simpson hair) - just because you have a Southern accent doesn't mean you have a negative IQ...

Kellie Pickler surprised me. She handled BOH RHAP alot better than I first thought she would, she maynot know what a 'ballsy' is but she has some of her own...

Regarding the rest, well what can I say... they were like always, Chris screamed, but wore some eyeliner you know, to provide some diversity, Katherine balladed out (my words) in her -was it blue(?) sparkly glitter eyeshadow - the better to flutter her lids with as she gazed meaningfully into the camera. Paris tried to be Miss Teen Glam Rocker chick. yaddayadda yadda...

Groove on Soulman!

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  1. you were sooooo right !! Rock on Taylor.