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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April 18th Taylor: Magnificent -"You Send Me!"

Taylor Hicks started out his song last night with a slow, thoughtful style. He chose Sam Cooke's, "You Send Me". At first last night, nerves got the best of me - I thought oh man why couldn't/didn't he put more of what he drove into the ending in the song. He sang low-key 1:05, then let it rip! (I love how he let's it out like that!!!) Anyway, after reviewing the video and letting go of my concerns, I agree with how he did the performance; perfect considering the length of time they have to deliver a song that is actually about 2 to 3 times longer than allotted. So my initial fretting that he should have done it a little different were for naught, I mean what the hell do I really know anyway about pacing songs and music - nothing, I just know what I like and I love and adore Taylor. Tay's performance morphed as the tune went along into a freaking Soul Explosion! T. took this song and to quote the cliche' bantered about on Idol, "Made it his own". I was so nervous at first when I watched him, as I always am. I pull so hard for T., and I get anxious he may let nerves get the better of him. Only 7 contestants and tonight goes to 6, every performance is So important. T. should win this competition for one giant reason - to prove 19E and A.Idol and 'Cowbell' wrong. By winning this Taylor will send this show spinning to a more dynamic and interesting level. As I said in a previous article, 19E and American Idol truly Owe Taylor Hicks.

Taylor looked beautiful last night, vocals pitch perfect. I thought he was so adorable in the introduction, thank you Ryan Seacrest for plugging the Saturday Night Live parody (and inadvertently giving Soul Patrol a big SHOUT OUT!) that was amazing! I am sure every one of the other contestants were devastated that Hicks received the 'honor' of being highlighted and spoofed on SNL. Taylor was bravely trying to hide his nerves, but his mannerisms gave him away, but when he hit the stage, started singing, the beauty of his soul shone through his eyes, through his voice. Magnificent.

Rod Stewart deserves kudos for his fantastic attitude with the contestants. I especially appreciated his comments to T., not to pay attention to Simon Cowell, and sell the songs, sell his performances. Rod "got Taylor" and appreciated what T. has to offer, called him "magnificent" and T. truly is... The judges were on their best behaviour last night. I think the bloggers, the press and the fan forums are getting the message out to them and they sat up straight and stepped it up last night. Ryan Seacrest wasn't the only one giving shout out to Soul Patrol, Paula Abdul commented how she knew the Soul Patrol would be going crazy last night. (Yeah-Yaas! ...sister they were!) Randy loved it - you could tell by the look in his eyes that Hicks is surpassing even what he anticipated he could do. Simon, I hate to give any props at this point, but he did say Taylor delivered "magic".

I would love to know the actual count on votes. Dial Idol had T. in the top spot again.

Eliminations tonight. I say bye-bye Ace.

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