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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Gray-Haired Dude Expose' on AI 5: Is this show rigged???

Excerpt from the Article posted on GHD:

"There are certain things I think the public has a right to know and that is that yes, the show is now rigged. Only season one was as is. Bo was the actual winner last year by pulling in more votes. But the show did not want to go with a Rocker. The Show has since received many hate letters about the fact that Bo did not win because A.I just did not want to support a Rocker. Meanwhile, they still had to stick there noses into his debut album because they will do Anything to make as much money as possible until the show itself is found out as a Fraud. So, after receiving all the letters about Bo, and Constantine too, They already knew exactly what they were looking for before the season even began and before you, the viewers even had a chance to pick a favorite. Originally, Ace was their choice because he has the Constantine look. But he is no Constantine when it comes to vocals. ...

But since Chris is the closest thing to a rocker that they could find this year, they want to go with him, and he knows this and has gotten away with things no other contestant has ever gotten away with and he has gotten very *****y about the whole thing....

....to read this article in entirety click the Title Link... Interesting.

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