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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dial IDol Predictions

Taylor Hicks' delirious fanbase, according to Dial Idol still has him on top of the list, with Chris Daughtry second and Elliott Yamin third. Kat McCheese, I mean McPhee, should find herself in the bottom three with Kellie and Paris. Results have Paris as being the one to say good-bye. In my ever not so humble opinion, I think, no matter the popularity of Kellie-what's a ballsy-Pickler, Paris should be the one to stay another week, but I have a feeling that Pick Pickler will be a stickler and Paris will be out. One reason for this, I sometimes lurk in the Vote for The Worst site, they are, of course, backing Kellie as a snub to 19E and American Idol. Now, I can relate to what they say about the money machine behind Idol, but I can't go as far as to want to promote a contestant who needs to go back to Abermerle, NC out of derision or spite.

Regarding last night, Elliott Yamin scored huge with his performance! Huge! The man can really sing! Paula cried. Randy proclaimed it 'Dope', Paula cried some more, and Slimon squirmed then proclaimed it 'superb and master class'. Beautiful job Elliott. Paula finally composed herself and quit crying. Another night of Pauler getting to the pill box before Randy or Slimon could hide it.

Taylor sang "Just Once". Slimon told Hicks that this performance should send him a reality check. yadda, yadda, yadda. Randy yammered away, and Paula did not cry. I was disappointed in his performance, not his best, he sang flat in a few parts, which is so unusual for Taylor and really did not seem to be into the song or the evening. According to the various ratings posting sites the Soul Patrol carried him through. He did seem to shout out "Soul Patrol" more loudly than usual after his performance. (I wore out my phones and managed to get through just a few times in two hours, so went to bed thinking he would come out just fine.)

Daughtry got the pimp spot yet again and to trump matters, he had two, not one, two guitarists sitting beside him. Freaking just run a banner on the bottom of the TV with subliminal messages "this is our Chosen One...this is our Chosen One",.... pimp spot, pimp lighting, pimp musician accompaniament... Sheesh. He did do a beautiful job.

The other contestants I'm not wasting my time on today.

Groove on Soulman


  1. Anonymous12:13 AM

    I don't believe Dialidol.com was so 'off' tonite (nor other times).

    On Dialidol, if you go to the right upper corner screen and pick 'raw numbers', you'll see that the top Vote getters are Kathryn first, Chris second, Elliot third, Taylor, fourth, Paris fifth, and then Kellie.

    That appears to coincide with the actual vote count per AI, so maybe Dialidol is not so 'off' - just don't use the percentages as the gospel there. Take a look at both sets of stats.

  2. Thank you for pointing that option out, I'll make sure not to neglect that function in the future - I have been just looking quckly at the stats.