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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Taylor Hicks, another reason for "Somebody to Love"

Taylor Hicks, I thought of you as I reading some Blogcritics today:

This is from Blogcritics, a comment posted to an article about the new Queen + Paul Rodgers written by Paul Roy

Barry StollerURLDecember 18, 200510:01 PM
Hearing "Feel Like Making Love" and "Can't Get Enough" at a "Queen" concert shows that Brian May has obviously donated his brain to science - prematurely. Queen, to their credit, understood the high-wattage needs of their mainstream audience yet, at their best, were never afraid to poke some self-conscious fun at themselves and their idiom. "Fat Bottomed Girls" and "Radio Ga Ga" are the complete inverse of the humorless, unthinking Bad Company.BTW, I noticed notice the absence of "Somebody To Love"; as a "straight" (no irony or mockery) Queen tune, perfect for a "soulful rocker," I can only conclude Paul Rodgers didn't feel man enough to take on Mercury's greatest vocal.

Taylor Hicks could take on this tune and nail it. The current crop of rumors and the naysayers, would have no option but to backpedal off of Taylor's back. This move would seal the deal for Taylor Hicks, proving his overwhelming talent. I am so pulling for Taylor to do this song.

My other favorite choice, "Sleeping on the Sidewalk", not as well known as most of "Queen"'s songs, but perfect in that it carries a very bluesy tone.

As quoted:

Vern HalenDecember 20, 200510:57 AM
I like both BC and Queen. This album makes me wonder what Queen might have sounded like without Freddie Mercury - perhaps a simplified blues rock band. There's precedent - "Sleeping On the Sidewalk" from News of the World is certainly in the same blues rock vein as Bad Company. They certainly play the Rodgers' material well anyway.

Well, I guess we will have to wait and see what Taylor Hicks has decided to perform on Tuesday night. Heading out to see if I can round up any spoilers....

Groove on Soulman!

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