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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Barack Obama Political Rock Star or Leader of the Fainting Masses?

Barack Obama, is he really The Rock Star for politics today, or are his speeches more like evangelical gatherings? It seems the 'fainting women' at the Obama rallies are becoming common, lending to the true circus of our political scene, enlisting an epidemic comparable to evangelical tent revivals. Barack Obama opens his mouth and some one bites the dust. Soon, his political managers will perhaps start grading his speeches on the Fainting Women scale, as in "Oh Barack, that was a three women faint speech!". Cheers emit all around the Obama camp headquarters. Ah, the mental image of the tally board as they track the campaign progress.

Obama is featured in this YouTube clip, which counts now up to five instances of Obama and his fainting women. I find it amusing how Obama is never really surprised, and manages to remain cool, calm and quite efficient in taking action getting the fainting women some "help". I'd quite frankly be at least a little ruffled at this occurrence, somehow it smacks of scripting.

Is Obama the new President "to be", I wonder? Is this the course of the new political millennium? Can we put some of the blame on saxophone playing Bill Clinton and his now running against Obama wife Hilary, as perhaps taking politics from the level of business to the level of evangelical entertainment? Some blame can certainly be shouldered by the drab and dismally non charismatic current President sitting in office. Blame too could be leveled at the current state of the economy and the floundering status of the War on Terror. Let's not talk gas prices either.

It will be interesting to see how many other women will fall helplessly by the wayside in dead faints at his presence, interesting it would be to discover if the condition of the Fainting Women real or merely a stunt to show over the top allegiance to the man and his Utopian ideals. Of course this situation attracting massive publicity, and being discussed in every forum in the media and press.

Actually, something to consider, perhaps we could utilize this man's talent as some new WMD or Secret Weapon. Send him to the Middle East or other areas of conflict, put the man on a podium and let the folks start hitting the ground.

At the rate he's felling the female speech attendees, it's just a matter of time before the male fans of this man join in, not to be bested by their female counterparts in showing their support. Inauguration day surely needs an ample supply of paramedics in place and ambulance personnel to take care of the fallen we could quite possibly expect.

Speaking of the evangelical slant, here's a completely nonsensical moment, although catchy:

Signs wave "Stand for Change", so ladies stop with the fainting all ready.

My concern, are we witnessing a positive trend in American politics or are we witnessing the very thing warned about in George Orwell's stories? Stop fainting people and pay attention.
"Cult of Personality"

"Look into my eyes, what do you see?
Cult of personality
I know your anger, I know your dreams
Ive been everything you want to be
Im the cult of personality
Like mussolini and kennedy
Im the cult of personality
Cult of personality
Cult of personality"

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  1. Anonymous10:25 AM

    More like George Orwell.
    I am still upright and aware.