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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Top Ten Moves to Nine: Chikezie is Out - Jason Castro Stays!

Chikezie leaves the contest tonight so the confetti and glitter won't be for him. Too bad really as I was really digging the man the previous two weeks. At least Chikie brought the fun. Reality check tonight as expected for Jason Castro. Seriously the Powers that Be are undoubtedly sending the boy a message as well as the at-home crowd. You can't get by just on being the prettiest manboy to ever enter this reality music show, you have to prove to the audience you want to be there and possess some talent. Talent, Jason has - that's certain.

Jason Castro got cocky this week. That cost him. Could cost him a great deal if this next week goes the same direction. It's a shame too, the guy could really take this if he really wants it. That's the key I suppose. Too, the locals behind him got cocky as well, devouring custard at Culver's Restaurant in Rockwall and partying it up instead of getting serious with the dial tones - sad in that it was homeboy's birthday. Overall conjecture was he's got it in the bag, of course he's going to be safe, the girls love him. I'm saying and perhaps now they'll listen - those girls voting are a fickle bunch and opinions and motivations blow in the breeze. Turning point here, will his dedicated fans step up and put down the custard next week to vote? Will Jason come out and perform in a way I know he can and throw a big surprise factor into the show?

Sure we all have seen the gorgeous hippie boy play his guitar, be all soulful and sweet, but this boy has a passionate side that's capable of much more than he's given the at-home and studio crowd so far. Thing is with his lack of experience I think he's hesitant to come out like that on this show; it's a fear thing. Fear can be a huge defeatism mechanism. Something that Jason Castro needs cast aside.

You, Jason Castro, can bring that game you've not shown the viewers yet. Bring it and they will love you for it. Time to elevate the game, mijo. Time to bring what you brought to Deep Ellum, baby.
"Elevation" Lyrics U2 video c/o cobacchi

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