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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Interesting Introspection from T.W.O. on Castro

Reading the Television Without Pity boards I came across some interesting commentary concerning Jason Castro. It's nice to read too, that the folks, even on this board, overall seem to really like him, in that T.W.O. Pity way...

Daisy Wolf writes:
I thought this particular performance was silly and weird but I could not stop saying "Look how CUTE he is!" just like Simon said I would. He is just so charming, and I think he knew he was being a silly freak and that made it tolerable to watch.

That said, he needs to get back to his guitar, stat.

brunch writes:
I actually really enjoyed this performance ... definitely got the "pleasantly surprised" that I was looking for yesterday. I think what I particularly liked was the breaking of the fourth wall, the look on his face as he busted into the French that clearly said "What am I singing? What does this stuff even mean? Look at me, singing in French!" I thought he sang it well, and moved around a little bit more, but mostly I just enjoyed that he seemed to be getting such a kick out of himself singing a song he didn't even understand.

Personally, I got a good laugh out of his "my bell" comment. Jason has had a couple of standout performances for me, but this week was pretty boring and off.

He's the kind of music that I'd listen to when I'm feeling mellow and cruising along. He's got the kind of voice that only really works for songwriters. I'm not sure how far that can take him on Idol.

IKnowBetter, a fellow Texan says:
So Simon thinks Jason is charming and goofy and that it is working for him? That will last until about the Top 8, when America needs to get busy choosing the "best singer" for the next AI. Then Simon will turn on him and say his goofiness is annoying.

His vocals might not be the best, but right now he is the only one whose cd I would buy. Even if it ends up being dl from his Myspace.
(I agree, he's the only one I've cared to buy iTunes of out of the group; not just because he's a local guy, but rather his songs the only ones I have cared to spend money on because of their sound. "Hallelujah" was brilliant.)

mellotune writes - and this one made me laugh:
Hell has officially frozen over. I actually liked Jason's "Michelle". I could have done without the "silly" he brought to the performance. If he could have just looked into the audience and sang about how much he loved Michelle, all the Castro fans would have exploded into flames. Maybe he had to be goofy for the safety of the country, lol.

lawgal writes, and I identify with this one:
I still love Jason, but during his weird performance, I had that awful feeling you get the first time you look at someone you thought you were madly in love with, and start to think, "Hmmmm, maybe not so much." Terrible song choice, weird delivery. But, he's still my TV boyfriend for now. Gotta step it up, babe.

That's it for now on the T.W.O. commentaries, ending with this one by gingko, Didn't get AT ALL the polka vibe others have mentioned upthread about Jason's performance. Then I rewatched it and I really think the polka sound is because of the rhythmically tuneless girl clapping that thankfully my brain seemed to tune out last night (thanks, brain...)!

Please God, make them stop or, at least, let someone with a cattle prod loose on that front row. I know this is just AI but enough, goddamit.

Really that mosh pit idea - whodahell thought that up?


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