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Thursday, March 27, 2008

VFTW: The Truth on the Contestants

Interesting videos put out by one of the VFTW crew investigating the stories of some of this season's Idol contestants. Theme behind these exposes, discovering the truth behind this show. What this blogger is presenting to you, dear readers, a glimpse behind the curtains, a view at the man or men standing at those control panels.

We'll start with some of the contestants tonight, and begin with one of the biggest show 'plants' in the group, Carly Smithson.
"The Lies of Carly Smithson" video care of Worster: tikiadam

Carly Part 2:

Kristy Lee Cook, a little insight set to video by tikiadam:

Truth, isn't that the American Way? We like to think it is. I think it's intelligent to look at both sides of every coin.

Let's check out some information set to music on Michael Lee Johns. tikiadam put this together in honor of our very own Outback Idol:

It is what it is. What we have a dearth of, this season, on this family friendly show is a lack of true reality; instead we're being fed a meal planted and lightly scripted. Rather like the okra I prepared the other night, planted, grown, picked then lightly breaded.

Is this wrong? Should the show be run amuck with obviously previously professional musicians pitted against the likes of someone who's not made records, who is not a seasoned performer? Is it a fair fight or just a provision to create good television, good ratings and better revenue? Just something to think about.

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