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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Amanda Overmyer Rides Home

Frankly I thought Kristy Lee Cook should have gone home last night, but I knew she most likely wouldn't. This show is getting so predictable, scratch that, is predictable. You see, Kristy Lee Cook represents the 'country music' faction of this group. Looking down the road,19E/American Idol are all about having a wide mix of performers in hopes of attracting more viewers to take that next step following the show's finale and buy their over-priced seats on the inevitable Summer Pop-Tart sponsored tour.

Follow that logic with the fanbase numbers over at the American Idol boards combined with what Idol bloggers have had to say and Overmyer was out. Many of the (male) bloggers while not being fans of either gal expressed appreciation for Kristy's looks. One thing this show does is monitor the bloggers and writers who comment on the show for feedback.

One thing, Overmyer handled herself with grace and dignity. I got the impression Tuesday night when she finally spoke back to the judges that she knew her time was limited. Loved it last night when she pried Kristy off of her and directed her back to the seats. Ride on Overmyer, best wishes to finding venues to continue with your music.

Here's a song for Amanda,
"The Motorcycle Song". Ride on chica, here's hoping you keep on rocking and riding.

If you'd like to write Amanda Overmyer a note, follow this LINK and sign it. It is a 'fan' note so keep it positive.

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