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Saturday, March 15, 2008

IDOLS Count Down to Eleven

The Beatles were one of the biggest groups in the history of modern music and in my opinion, anyone seeking a career in this industry needs know their music history. It seems the current young chosen one, David Archuleta has no love for their music nor much in the way of knowledge of the contributions this famous band made for modern music. Just one other addition to my belief the boy is perhaps simply an overrated highly trained reality music show contestant. His fall from grace this week amazing in how delicately he was handled by the judging panel and the media. Archuleta did the very thing hundreds of Idol wanna-bes in tryouts did that got them eliminated: he forgot his lyrics, not just one line, try four.

Poor David seemed unfocused and lost, meandering about the stage like a lost pup. He completely Failed at attempting, "We Can Work it Out". Too, he was horrendously out of tune as well. Granted, in the past he has shown the ability to sing, but he seems to possess little original personality and little propensity to be an entertaining performer. Watching him fumble the lyrics made me consider that walking while singing, just not his thing. Archuleta actually strikes me as more of a curiosity to begin with, he's small for his age, I mean he looks like he's twelve. Combine that with his possessing a much better voice than you'd think by looking at him, add Mormon, add the fact he's won Star Search and he's all kinds of news.

Archuleta is appealing to those who love puppies and kittens, perhaps triggering a maternal vibe from those so inclined to appreciate sweet boys who mind their Mommas. He's fortunate that a large contingency that follow this show fit that demographic, most likely we'll see this past week set aside as, "nobody's perfect" by his fans. Seems too, his Stage Parent of a Dad has ties in the show, but more on that to be talked about later. Little Archie entered this competition with The Chosen One practically tattooed on his little boy forehead - but will he actually win this season?

One thing this week's show reminded the viewers, the importance of what type of presence a contestant transmits to viewers. Last week during David Hernandez' film spot the guy, for reasons unknown to me and perhaps most of the viewers watching this show, talked about a large booger. Like a cherry on top of a hot fudge sundae, the story courtesy of VFTW, 'came out', pun intended, about his being a stripper back in Phoenix. Add to this combination a really abysmal performance of "I Saw Her Standing There". His attitude being in the bottom three was rather disturbing as well. I kept getting images of Stripper going Postal...

Backtracking, Syesha Mercado actually started the night and presented, "Got to Get You Into My Life". First thought popped into my mind The Beatles ala Dionne Warwick. The Merv Griffin show too came to mind - a show I haven't thought of well, in ever. I've read some bloggers say it was 'fresh' and new, in fact it was really a little on the retro side. Check it out: video c/o Idolfreak08

Next up was the best moment on the show, in well a long time. Yes, Taylor Hicks, we were thinking of you, when Chikezie, who had not impressed me one bit, came in and blew the stage up. He entertained, created a dynamic presentation of "She's a Woman" with a piece that surely when this show hits the tour it will be included in the line-up. Great part, Ryan Seacrest lost his mind and my Darling Man got excited about the show. This performance should thrust him into the Top Ten: video c/o RadioKalin

Little Ramielle Mulabay was next, she looked adorable, had new best friend forever, Danny Noriega in the seats with her family rooting for her, but she wasn't memorable. Sorry Danny, but I wasn't "likin' it". Next week she needs to really step it up or she's going to be out sooner rather than later.

Jason Castro was sweet, soulful and completely endearing. He presented "If I Fell" with an uncanny emotional tone. Jason Castro has the gift that enables him to transmit that emotional vibe through the television to the viewers. He's compelling to watch, and even though the guy's new to performing,like Professor Chan said on the Vote for the Worst site, he's like some kind of savant when he picks that guitar up and sings. I love Castro's knack for emotionally phrasing the songs he performs, it's like the treatments of the pieces come absolutely naturally to him. Video c/o debz28

Last I read, his performance of "Hallelujah" had created 181,876 downloads last week for Jeff Buckley's iTunes piece. Jason Castro also remains one of the highest sellers in the American Idol iTunes downloads, with the only performer with three tunes in the top ten downloads. If this doesn't indicate to the show his ability to create revenue and be commercial I don't know what else would.
Here's the current rankings:
1. David Archuleta — Imagine
2. David Cook — Hello
3. Jason Castro — Hallelujah
4. Brooke White — Let It Be
5. David Cook — Eleanor Rigby
6. Brooke White — Love is a Battlefield
7. David Archuleta — Another Day in Paradise
8. Carly Smithson — Come Together
9. Jason Castro — Daydream
10. Jason Castro — If I Fell

Carly Smithson aka Hennessey performed "Come Together" and while the judges ranted and loved her, I did not. I am with Rickey on this one, all I got out of the performance was The Face. Click that link if you dare.

David Cook came out and rocked "Eleanor Rigby" and continued in the vein of Chris Daughtry. It was good, granted one of the best of the night actually. I'm liking him more, he sounds better than The Daughtry.

Brooke White was lovely in her pretty barefeet playing piano to "Let it Be". She's by far superior to most of the group regarding talent. I'd not mind seeing her win this show. She fits the vanilla feel good personality of Idol, and she's really into being there. Her tears were brilliant.

Amanda Overmyer (yes, Chance, I too, have been misspelling the gal's name) kicked it with "You Can't do That". We played the Overmyer Drinking game, adopted from the Taylor Hicks Drinking Game, subbing "Chile" for "Woo". The "Chiles" about killed us. (Seven in all) Check out the Chile in this video, courtesy of Irlocal

She's Janis meets The Beatles, and whoa, check the Beetle Juice pants. This biker sistah, the new Queen of Irony. Loved it.

The Man from Down Under should have just stayed there. I was completely once again unimpressed by Michael (Lee) Johns. Only part of this performance I enjoyed was Simon's comment to Randy, "What's the Irish girl's name?". Seriously I was that unimpressed.

Kristy, Kristy, Kristy. What the hell was she thinking? "Eight Days a Week" goes square dance. Hell, she should have come out dressed in full puffy skirt and boots to accompany this horrible arrangement. Girl would have gone home if she'd talked about her boogers last week. Maybe she can eventually get the horse back that she sold. Poor traded-in-for-fame Flicka.

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  1. hwy66gal12:52 PM

    You're so mean. But seriously, so right about all of them. That Arch kid needs to do that again. Let the Granmas cry over him. I laughed.