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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Taylor Hicks To Give Some Heart and Soul in Dallas

Taylor Hicks is set to appear Saturday, March 29, at the "Heart and Soul" Greenhill Gala 2008. This is an annual fund raising event to raise money for Greenhill’s Financial Aid Endowment Fund. The Greenhill School is a private school located in Addison, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. The school is known for the quality of education it provides the students fortunate to attend.

Focus on the curriculum not simply your basic pass the TAKS test type format, rather the students are exposed to a wide variety of cultural and artistic educational opportunities not found in the public sector, and not always found in other private facilities. One of the key points that set the school apart from many of the private schools in our area; it is non-denominational, free from a specific religious base. The Greenhill Gala is geared toward offsetting the financial costs for students attending the school. It's a great school backed by generous donors, but this fund raising event solidifies scholarship opportunities.

Mr.Hicks was selected as the performer of choice by the school's entertainment committee last Fall. The naming of this Gala as "Heart and Soul" coincidentally corresponds with one of the songs Taylor sings on his "Under the Radar" album titled, "Heart and Soul". This could be an opportunity for Taylor Hicks to develop some new fans, silence some of the naysayers, and importantly increase his exposure as an artist and entertainer who cares about kids. Taylor Hicks is already known in his home state of Alabama for his supports of Kid One and Studio by the Tracks.

Taylor Hicks' appearance this month might be coming at an opportune time considering in Dallas, not much news has filtered through sources outside of the press release that he and his record company, J Records, have parted ways. Scanning through Taylor's myspace page today, I found myself reading comments by the same individuals I read the last time I stopped by a few weeks ago. One of the common questions still being asked by these faithful, dogged commentators, the still not named release date for the DVD, "Whomp at the Warfield". Since no news has come out regarding the DVD and Taylor Hicks is said to be working on a new CD, perhaps a fitting blog from Mr. Hicks to the effect of "Artist at Work" or "Musing With My Muses" could possibly provide ease for the daily posters and their inquiries for new material. (Time to toss the fans a "bone", Mr. Hicks.)

"Heart and Soul" video c/o TaysHarp

You can listen to this on the WBHM website as well as hear a few other 'gems' from his pre-Idol period.


  1. I like your new look!

    Hopefully Taylor will communicate with us soon. Will WATW ever be released?

  2. Thank you! It's a make-over long overdue. You know I'm wondering about that DVD, no word since who knows when on it. No announcements on the myspace or any place.