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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Altruistic Blogger vs the Lunatic Fringe

Nothing sparks the mind and senses for certain Taylor Hicks fans than a good roll in the fan mud pit. It seems the Lunatic Fringe aka The Fanatics are happily once again in the pursuit of all things conflict centered and all things detrimental to their alleged purpose. Thing is they think they are actually performing some kind of great service to Taylor Hicks when in fact they are doing the total opposite.

Honestly I waded right into the situation concerning Mr. Hicks and Caroline Lyders of my own volition, without realizing that there were Fanatics such as can be found on the site formerly known as The Caroline Lyders Fan Club. These are the caliber of fans that you read about in magazines with a mild horror. The type of fans who would actually attack and maul you in a public place for in their minds, insulting the object of their desire. Thing is back last Fall, my curiosity got the best of me and like that adage, 'curiosity killed the cat', I was reminded of how that could work.

Regardless of The Fanatics or any fans of Taylor Hicks regarding the outcome of all of this with the story of Taylor Hicks and Two Women, I learned a valuable lesson. I also had some great but somewhat twisted fun along the way.

It was my pleasure to discover a certain cyber-soulmate, an entity who has become an almost 'folk legend' to the fanatical Taylor Hicks fans. So much so, there have been some recently created new sites concerning this individual. One is operated by someone who has been in the Hicks' base for a long time, the other site operated by a former poster with MFOYA. There's a third who has fit themselves into the mix as well. They all have in common an affinity for Wordpress. I find that interesting.

I stopped by just to say hello on the site for some of the previous MFOYA posters, mfoyaOrphans. Through The Fanatics I discovered, The View which is basically seemingly baiting the fans, teasing they actually have the inside scoop on MFOYA. Some folks posting on the site are eating it up like good cake, ala Chill - others are skeptical and wanting the Truth. I predict this site is just going to meander along and not provide any information of any basis regarding the Truth behind MFOYA. But hey, I could be wrong.

I almost forgot this other relatively new site, the blogger apparently seeming to have a number of issues including stalking - or trying to - as a hobby. This blogger calls herself "15 Minutes of Fame". She devotes a little mention to me and has done some on-line homework and proudly tries to "out" my real life name as Jewels Richardson. Hell that name is associated with this blog so no big revelation. Big revelation, that's not my real life name. I added this to her site, but she's obviously one of the cowardly bloggers who will attack others and not let responses through. It seems commonplace in the Hicks' rabid fanbase. Here's the message I left her:
Hi, saw my name mentioned, so figured I was invited. To clarify, Jewels Richardson is not my real name. Apparently you’ve been trying to do your stalking homework darlin, but look the name up in Dallas. It doesn’t exist.

I have one book out and another in the works. I write Science Fiction. I don’t publish under the name Jewels Richardson in those books, rather I use a man’s name. I’d never tie my professional life, my book writing life and my on-line blogging to one name. I do also have a job that does not involve writing, it involves star gazing. Just an update to my little page in your blog, of which of course, you’re not devoted to hate like the other ones. *wink*

Carry on.

Apparently she's another loser who's all bark and bite, behind the safety of their anonymous little hate site.

These three new websites just prove more solidly what MFOYA pointed out during, in and around the gossip story. Many in the Taylor Hicks Fan base are completely nuts. That's going to make a sweet book in itself one day.

Read yesterday Chill appears to be trying to stir up the old fight with me, and I'm thinking that delusional broad simply lives for one mass on-line drama after the other. I guess her current fighting with some of the Chris Daughtry fans an insufficient entertainment source for her obviously empty life.

To The Fanatics, have fun out there. I'll be watching, but mostly, I'm just gonna:
video c/o bsarles


  1. Anonymous12:29 AM

    Sunny, thanks for the intelligent post as usual. The View to the Inside is actually tfhzone fucking with people as usual. Sad, but true.

  2. It's amusing how this perpetuates isn't it? I think many folks, from what I was determining from the posts, thought it to possibly be Gray Charles. ha.

    I was all kinds of entertained reading The View and 15 Minutes of Fame. You know who is running the 15 Minutes don't you? Man, I could not have made all of this up in my imagination. Reality certainly can be stranger than fiction!