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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Amanda Overmyer's Exit Interview

This interview with Entertainment Weekly's Jessica Shaw exemplifies why I like Overmyer so much. Chica is loaded with brass,smarts and she's nobody's fool.
E.W. Interview proves my biker sistah will be just fine. Overmyer's a realist not a fairy tale queen and I think much will come from her time on the show. The show could not use her, so she's out. Bravely she utilized what was open to her during her time on Idol. Frankly I couldn't see her going through the Pop-Tart Tour motions.

One of my favorite quotes from the article, Amanda says, ''I'll probably give it a good six months or so and beat the pavement. This will not be the unicorn I will chase for the rest of my life.'' Shaw then added, "Wow. That is so refreshing to hear. Usually when I do these interviews, the contestant talks on and on about how he or she is destined to be a star." Overmyer replied, "I hate those fucking answers. Are you kidding me?"

I'm thinking that Overmyer might just be absolutely brilliant.

The article ends with words from this very wise lady.
Shaw, "You sound very grounded and normal about this whole experience. Good for you."
Amanda, "That's the attitude I've had with all of this. I'm thankful to be here and feel very privileged to have come this far. But I absolutely refuse to be nostalgic about it. You know why? That's when you lose a sense of reality. I saw it happen with a few people. It's just ridiculous. We have the potential to be stars right now. We're not stars. All we are now is recognizable. That's it. I've got a hell of a lot more work in front of me before I can exhale and say, ''All right. I've made it."

Words to remember for anyone watching, following or being a part of this reality show. Past contestants who have won might remember and take to heart those words. Being on the show or even winning the show, does not a superstar make.

Kudos Amanda Overmyer. Rock on chica.
Video c/o z1990
This is who she has reminded me of, musically.

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