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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Measure of an American Idol

Scanning through the chart information, I have to look this stuff up, my wee brain won't retain any/everything. Current standings for album sales for some of the Idols, no Idol Tards, this isn't everyone who made an album just the only ones I'm deeming worthy of chartable mention. These are some of the definitive Star Maker Machinery Idol performers.

At the Number 1. spot, local Dallas darling, Kelly Clarkson: 9.4 million
Kelly's sales break down like this:
Breakaway: 5.9 million
Thankful: 2.7 million
My December: 740,000

Resting on her country laurels at Number 2, Carrie Underwood: 7.9 million. I have to admit I do like the "Before he Cheats" song.
Some Hearts: 6.2 million
Carnival Ride: 1.7 million

Still standing in the third position, Clay Aiken: 4.8 million, and I've never bought one.
Measure of a Man: 2.8 million
Merry Christmas With Love: 1.4 million
A Thousand Different Ways: 522,000 (hmm, quite the decline going on there...)
All Is Well EP: 53,000

We find the Ego that is Daughtry at number four; 3.6 million - nope didn't get one of these either. Only album out post-Idol, his eponymous one.

Surprising me at the numero cinco spot, Ruben Studdard: 2.5 million total! Way to go Big Man! The Velvet Teddy Bear has sold:
Soulful: 1.8 million
I Need an Angel: 451,000
The Return: 236,000

Right after him, Fantasia: 2.3 million total.
Free Yourself: 1.8 million
Fantasia: 502,000 (Ouch! Look at that drop! Good she's gone Broadway and that Oprah seems to like her.)

My darling Southern Rock Bubba, Bo Bice sits at seven in the ranking with 706,000 total.
The Real Thing: 670,000
See the Light: 36,000 (That is just painful to read, but hey, man, I bought one and I like it.)

Funny Country Pickle is Number 8. Kellie Pickler's Small Town Girl went and surprised many with 702,000 in sales so far.

Blog inspiration and Soulmam, Taylor Hicks, is Number 9, Taylor Hicks: 699,000. Yeah, I know, no single to hit the radio and all that and still a respectable sales number. Better luck on the next CD. Hicks needs to get all "Soul Thing" second time around. Take that Modern Whomp theme and well, at least tweak it...

Big Number 10 is someone I forgot about entirely, Josh Gracin, his album rides in with 695,000 units sold.

Lovely and under appreciated Elliott Yamin is at Number 11: 563,000 total.
Elliott Yamin: 484,000
Sounds of the Season: 79,000

At the even dozen mark, Jordin Sparks: 473,000 total. She did do a brilliant job singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl.
Jordin Sparks: 424,000
EP: 49,000

Unlucky 13 is Katharine McPhee, the Queen of Melisma who with Katharine McPhee sits at 366,000 units sold.

Dear Bucky Covington, with Bucky Covington has sold, 317,000 units.

Beat Boxing boi trying to make the Big Time, Blake Lewis with his 'interesting' album cover has sold only 286,000 total.
Audio Day Dream: 240,000
EP: 46,000

There are many stories out in the media how this show is over-rated, regarding creating stars and musical heroes, but I feel it serves its purpose. It's sometimes very entertaining television. Like last week as an example; Ryan Seacrest and Paula's Coke cups obviously were crossed in the dressing room. It was great fun watching Seacrest completely lose his mind over Chikezie's performance. It was for a good cause at least. I was completely entertained watching my Darling Man - he was curiously jumping right along with Ryan and he doesn't even like this show, nor did he have what Ryan must have had. D.M. was digging what the Chik-ster did - the surprise that entertained millions, even my skeptical sometimes cynical Darling Man.

True, though, many of these kids that have ground through the Idol Machinery have made much of themselves. Jennifer Hudson, one great success story. Her performance in Dreamgirls, amazing. Here's some Jennifer to take with you on your way - she sings for her supper at the Clive bash:


  1. In some ways the drop for last year's Idols just reflects the fact that pepole don't buy CDs anymore as much as they download. My guess is that in a couple years they'll shift the charts to take the download thing into account.
    That doesn't mean that Jordin and Blake would do better by that measure eaither though.

  2. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Thanks for mentioning Dear Bucky...update on his sales..328,000...every 10,000 helps. :)

  3. Thanks for that, big increase just from last week. I've always liked Bucky.

  4. Anonymous11:30 PM

    The biggest free fall in sales is Kelly Clarkson. I mean barely 700,000 after her success? She had Soooo much hype too, bitch is in a free fall. but then the CD sucked so it's no suprise..