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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Taylor Hicks vs Pan vs The Muck Ducks

Taylor Hicks' fan sites are keep on keeping on in their same old same old tracks.

Yesterday, that crazy side of me that just has to 'go there', sent me posting on Chill's. What did I expect? It's like that adage, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. It's crazy to even attempt to carry on any sort of dialogue with certain people. It is true I have had my moments of snarky fun at their expense, but man, ladies who live in glass houses...

Taylor Hicks has been noted as possessing some unique "characters" who call themselves fans. Several rival anything that could be made up in a fictional story. Some sites have referred to these colorful folks as "Loons", when in actuality they're more like Muck Ducks, you know, the ducks that wander along the edge of a pond with beaks dredging the mud. I laugh at the 'loon' comparison since I resemble that remark from time to time myself, especially when I know I'm likely to step into a steaming pile of muck and go there anyway. Speaking of the 'muck', first time I stepped into the "Hicksian Muck" was late last year and yes, initially without my rubber waders. The whole fan wars thing that erupted among the Taylor Hicks factions was often funny, occasionally sad, sometimes borderline "Misery" movie scary, but always interesting.

I first met The Muck Ducks during my association with MFOYA. I had found the MFOYA site by accident through another Hicks' site. Upon first reading MFOYA I was struck by so many folks gathering in one on-line location to dance to the beat of this blogger. MFOYA was an excellent and sly storyteller weaving a web around their audience with a cunning that was Greek God Pan-like exceptional.

Admittedly I was fascinated at the mind(s) behind MFOYA and how readily readers were to either hate the site owner(s) or to follow them. MFOYA epitomized the fabled Pan, he the Greek God of shepherds and flocks; Pan was said to possess an ability to lead large flocks to dance at his whim and could also create panic and fear - but was also known for an ability to inspire and stimulate thought. MFOYA was just like that.
"The Stranger" Billy Joel

I disagree with any consensus that MFOYA to blame for Mr. Hicks possible drop in the Fan Ratings Department. I think it more likely some of the Fans themselves that are to blame for any of the cohesiveness lacking behind Mr. Hicks on-line. Fans like The Muck Ducks with their deriding witless, humorless accusations toward anyone that catches their limited level of consciousness in any facet concerning Taylor Hicks. Seriously surely reading some of their diatribes can't be an enticing inducement to join fan ranks, lest one be grouped with them.

"Guilt by associations", they like to quack to the world - or anyone who might be reading them, in their Salem-witch-hunt mentality, as they strive to define who is a fan and who isn't by associations. Thing is on the forum provided them by their webmistress, they are allowed open and full reign. Man, a day with these Ducks will suck the ever loving life out of any enthusiasm regarding even mentioning you might be a fan of Taylor Hicks.

Now what's really funny is that these two Muck Ducks imagine I owe them an apology. For what, and who the hell do they really think they are anyway? As I said previously, she who lives in glass houses... It tickled me and made me chuckle reading the mucky diatribes. Thing is, I never apologize for speaking the Truth. Yes indeed, "...the truth will set you free", as one of the Duckies quacked in her closing comment, yesterday.

I understand why the webmistress continues with them, they fit the structure of the site. She rarely writes more than a sentence or two and The Muck Ducks fly off on all sorts of tangents, letting their minds flap all over the white space of the site, brain cells happily bouncing among the fonts and pixels.

One of the Muck Ducks resorted to petty insults and of course had to attack me in a way she thought would create the most pain. Yes, she called my site boring. Boring to her because it's not a rambling monotone featuring her inane and ceaseless vapidly punctuated Taylor Hicks quacking. This site is not a venue for endless myopic and muck-minded written diarrhea concerning what these Mucky Duckies view as True Fan behavior. I mean if it's not about them, man, it is booorrrring. (Wow, possibly this blog will be more interesting, since egads, it is about them!) One thing is certain, I'll abstain from ever resembling the likes of these curious fowl women - folks you'll never hear me patting myself on my delusional back for all of my 'evidence files' and imagined CIA, FBI skills such as found within one of the Tormented Soul's ramblings.
"You May Be Right" Billy Joel

These are a carnivorous breed of duck. They eat their own. In the midst of one of the Fowl attacks on my persona, one of their regulars was assaulted. Perhaps the imagined smell of blood through Duckie dears' haze of monitor glare sparked some sort of primeval lower brain function. She resorted to attacking a real and complete Taylor Hicks' fan (henry8) just out of proximity, I'm thinking. Livid in her judgmental mind the fact that henry8 visits here, and dared visit a site not 'officially' sanctioned by the Muck Duck sisters. Yes, henry8 trespassed and for that she was savaged by the blind, narcissistic ego-maniacs known as the Muck Duck sisters.

This one's for henry8:

Yes, the shark, he has big teeth dear, but Ducks, only a loud quack.


  1. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Sunny, you speak the truth. You really do. Those two "Muck Duck Sisters" are not sane. They are delusional and sad and live in some kind of fantasy. Many of these fans do.

    The only thing MFOYA did was point out that Mr. Hicks was indeed imperfect and that Mr. Hicks was possibly taking part in something that was not honest. Big deal. They need to get over it.

  2. henry87:44 PM

    OMG that will teach me not to eat dinner at the computer. I may choke to death from laughing. I will be back.

  3. Anonymous7:55 PM

    I could not stop laughing! Hyserical!

  4. hwy66gal9:32 PM

    Hell, Sunny I was not gonna post but you drug me outta emails to state how much I lurve you. You know I do chick.

  5. henry82:32 AM

    Oh God, I had a busy night, and I should be in bed but I had to return as I said. "Brain cells bouncing among the fonts and pixels" Well that was just funny. No matter who you are talking about its just funny. Not to worry about the "attack" on me. I barely noticed the flap of the wings. It was like water off of a muck ducks back.
    I know this will cause all sorts of trouble, but these are the facts. I kind of like the sisters, they make me smile from time to time,they do love Taylor but they tend to take everything personally and way too seriously.
    I know people have said horrible things to them, people have said horrible things to me too. Big deal. So what. I don't forget what people said to me but I don't forget what I said either. Thing is I just can't get upset or take seriously folks who are steeped in the "old ways" Phrases like "undesirables" , "common trash", "unsavory places", "those that lack good taste", "don't have the proper DNA, haven't been a swan" all come to mind. Tells me a lot.
    The funny thing is that I feel real sure that Taylor who I admire very much, has hung in a lot of unsavory places with common trash and undesirables that didn't have good DNA and that told jokes that lacked good taste. And I will bet he enjoyed those people very much as I do also.

    Now for MFOYA, for me she did not inspire or stimulate thought at all. I was curious and interested at the beginning. But then I saw the manipulation and undercurrent of bitterness. She did want to lead and control, but I and a couple of others just didn't follow well. The, I know all, see all , hear all and am smarter than anyone else just didn't set to well with me. And when she pretty much flat out told me that the whole reason for her existence was too make Taylor apologize, bring him to his knees so to speak, that was enough. And yes , I know, she no doubt has a copy of everything horrible thing I ever said as someone else has, and can ruin me at any time. Whee.
    She was never a fan of his, not ever in my opinion. And I do blame her for some problems because I think she stirred some shit that cause him to take his eye off the ball for a time. Maybe. I don't really know. No one does. But what I do know , she never did him any good. That much I am sure of.
    But she was just a blip on the radar screen.
    Loved him on tv today.
    Awesome with a capital A, baby. How funny. Thought the album cover was very nice. I am curious to know exactly whats on it.
    And now that I have pissed off everybody equally, I must go to bed and sleep soundly. Night all.

  6. Hey henry8, you should have seen the comments that did not go through.... ;)hahaha!

    Regarding stimulation of thought - like how Pan affected folk, each taking from him what was closest to their heart - that's what MFOYA did. I was simply fascinated with the entire process and the reaction among so many people. It was certainly a phenomenon of sorts.

    The whole slamming folks by digging at their upbringing or financial status is simply a low-brow way to make the insulter feel superior.

    I've had my share of ups and downs in life, henry8 too. It's what you do with the experiences that make you who you are and what you are. Like that song I've put as a dedication to Mr. Hicks in his lovely sidebar photo, "I'm no Angel", neither have I been. LOL

    Glad all is 'ducky' with you at Chill's. I found it disappointing the veiled insults from LiteBrite and then the really strange ravings from one of the Muck Duck Sisters. I'd hope to post there with you but it is obvious they only see themselves painted in an angelic celestial glow and I'm still the Evil One. ha. "Water off of a duck's back", that's something I say all the time, baby. Later.

  7. henry89:28 AM

    Ha Ha
    Not sure how ducky everything is. It will be interesting.
    If you have something to say, I would go ahead and post.
    Apparently, I have Alzheimers, since it was necessary to remind me of all terrible things that were said about me in the last year. Well, guess what, the Alzheimers is so damn bad I have forgotten them again already. Poor me. Guess I will need daily updates.

  8. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Henry8, I'm tired of your ramblings about MFOYA. Get the fuck over it!!! I heard your latest rant of how you are convinced Modern Whomp Records is MFOYA too. They should put you in a straight jacket. It seems you are confusing one person for another and you always have. You don't have an idea of who MFOYA was, so don't trash someone you don't even fucking know. The problem with your type of person is that you don't know shit but THINK you do. That's the soul patrol in a nutshell. Sunny is way ahead of the game than you on this one. Mfoya never told anyone Taylor needed to apologize. That is bs. Because if that's what they told you, they told everyone else something different. MFOYA outed Taylor for lying. Now you blame MFOYA for Taylor getting caught with a ho and covering up with CL? THAT was what got his eye off the ball. His eye was off the ball for MONTHS AND MONTHS. Long before MFOYA. No reasoning with loons. They look to blame everyone but Taylor.

  9. Bingo3:03 PM

    Henry8 wrote: "And I do blame her for some problems because I think she stirred some shit that cause him to take his eye off the ball for a time."

    That's weird, I remember Henry8 repeatedly saying Taylor could care less about MFOYA and wasn't being affected by anything that MFOYA was doing. Now MFOYA caused him to take his eye off the ball? Some people can't keep their stories straight. Go figure.

    Taylor's downward spiral had to do with HIS personal issues. It had nothing to do with MFOYA. If anything, MFOYA was a big fat reality check. They told the truth. Taylor did not. I will never condemn a man for telling the truth and defend a liar instead. What the heck is that about? I don't care who you are.

    When are people going to stop blaming everyone BUT Mr. Hicks? He's the only person to blame for his failures AND his successes. The same goes for anyone in this world, with the exception of children. Last I heard, Mr. Hicks was a grown adult. His smothering, mothering fan base forgets this.

    Sunny, enjoying the blog. You're an awesome writer and speak the truth yourself! No wonder you get attacked by these nut jobs.

  10. http://www.IdleTard.com

  11. Hi smartie. Nice to see you - catch up with you on the Worst later... psst...I've been by your blog and seen the Hicks media.

    Regarding henry8, bingo and anonymous I know why you feel like that toward her but she's welcome here. MFOYA had a soft spot for her and we all know that; so do I.

    I know MFOYA never, well at least the MFOYA I conversed with - never said anything about wanting Mr. Hicks to apologize for anything. They were all about getting the Truth out and they did. The entire mechanics behind MFOYA was a work of pure psychological theater art.

    I'm glad you guys are coming out and posting - man say what you think. It's all good.

  12. hwy66gal1:21 AM

    Girl you're pullin' the Worsters in the house. You all best look out...

  13. Hey '66 - Smartie's just out and about promoting. But yeah she's a big Momma Worster. lol

    Check out chill's site. The Muck Ducks are either on WindowPane tonight or one of them drug the wrong mushroom out of the garden. They are tripping the light fantastical tonight. Bwhahahaha.

  14. henry82:59 AM

    Good Lord, I hit someones button.
    All it takes it to point out a fact or two. She did indeed say he needed to apoligize. Said it directly to me and to others if they could remember and be truthful. I don't imagine it was said to everybody.
    And yes I did say she had no effect. But all the crap she stirred up might have had a little, just a little. Don't know for sure.
    And the words mfoya and the truth don't even belong in the same sentence. I don't rant and no Modern Whomp Records is not mfoya. What I said was the first posting made me suspicious, only that.
    The beach situation, I have no idea and care nothing about, the lying had to do with many, many other things. She lied to her followers repeatedly and she knows it. Why I got drawn it to speaking about this I don't know. I could not care less about any of this, but I hate it when people tell me what I think and what I know when they don't know shit about what I know.
    That idea that Hicks was under any obligation to "tell the truth" to a bunch of nutty twits on the internet and I include myself, is just the dumbest , most asinine, and over inflated sense of importance I have ever seen in my life. Believe me I was over it a long time ago.

  15. You got your say henry8. That's fair. Sometimes we can all look at the same thing and see a completely different scenario.

    MFOYA that I spoke to off the site never said to me that they had any dreams of asking for an apology or bringing him down. They did have some information they wanted out.

    Main thing henry8 that many have missed. It wasn't the message so much as the 'mechanics' behind MFOYA that drew the intrigue. You have to admit the folks behind that site were unique.

    Regarding sense of importance. Look around you. Look at the Muckie Ducks at Chill's. Talk about inflated sense of importance. Sheesh. Check their statements featured on my next blog.

    Hell, get off the Taylor Hicks shit, walk through a grocery store anymore, folks are ready to run each other over all involved in their sense of self-importance. It's a rampant human failing right now.

  16. Anonymous4:07 PM

    MFOYA said many times on her blog that she wanted an apology from Taylor. Henry is right.

  17. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Like I said, no reasoning with loons. Henry, stop acting like you know all this info about what went on there, you don't. Sunny and others were a lot friendlier with MFOYA than you ever were. In the early times of MFOYA, there was someone in chat named Bouncer. That is who became "MFOYA" as we know them. They were fair and never deserved to be trashed. But it's typical SP behavior to do that, trash someone that doesn't worship Taylor. Meanwhile, the Muck Duck sisters are LIARS that lie about anything and everything and spread hatred and evil because of their obsession. I'm still waiting for that FBI forensic evidence too. Henry excuses anything those psychos do because they all worship the same God. Taylor Hicks. Sad.

  18. henry87:17 PM

    For Gods sake Sunny, have you actually checked out that Tards site? Sorry, but I think making fun in public of a very sweet woman who just died is pathetic. I was reading the day that woman went out and took pictures of Taylors huge poster in New York. She was so excited for him. If that is being a tard, well count me in.
    Now people can't have fun and post their pictures because of assholes like this. You know I have a sense of humor and I like to poke at peoples silliness and over reactions sometimes. But this is sick. What kind of warped person do you have to be to want to ruin other peoples harmless enjoyment? You know these folks. Then you don't know much.

  19. henry8, yes I checked out the site, it came up in an alert. Obviously you checked it out too since you know about it.

    I find it in absolute horrible taste to make fun of that fan. That said, yeah I know them from VFTW. That said, pot calling the kettle, you've been on VFTW and so you know who they are so don't act innocent with me about them.

    I'd been asked by VFTW to post video and pictures about my day out in Rockwall and never submitted the pics to the site for the sheer reason it's not funny to laugh at just another's appearance. I don't share that sense of bitterness in humor. To me that's basic low-brow humor and not of interest to me, and especially not funny.

    Your saying since I know them I don't know much is ridiculous since you know who they are as well. Watch your statements, you're starting to sound like the sisters; following in the mentality, grouping me by associations imagined or otherwise.

    henry8 I'll clarify - I haven't posted on idoltard.com because it is one thing to make fun of folks for being silly, or brainless, another to do it the way they are doing it. But, hell it's my prerogative where my eyes roam on-line.

    Remember those glass houses. lol

  20. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Sunny, you just noticed henry8 is starting to sound like the Duckie sisters?????

  21. LOL, man, henry8 has her own brand of specialness. One of my email buddies is always telling me to not 'trust' her because of her "flip-floppiness".

    henry8 doesn't quack on as noisily like they do. She also punctuates her sentences much better than they, so there is a difference. lol

    She does possess the same occasional bent to fly off the handle, as we read her tirade about Worster Smartie and insanesfv's little blog. This glaring in light of her own propensity for on-line website explorations. Pot calling kettle syndrome perhaps.ha.

  22. "Main thing henry8 that many have missed. It wasn't the message so much as the 'mechanics' behind MFOYA that drew the intrigue."

    I was intrigued as well. MANY people were. Heck, I'm not so blinded by a Mr. Hicks that I can't enjoy a witty blog making valid and logical arguments against him.

    "MFOYA that I spoke to off the site never said to me that they had any dreams of asking for an apology or bringing him down."

    Look, if they wanted to bring Mr. Hicks down, why not bash the hell out of him? They had a VERY popular blog and were center stage for quite a while. Why not insult his career, talent, allow Chrolls to post hateful messages, spread rumors about his sexuality and drug use? I saw people who bashed him or spread rumors get their hands slapped and deleted. WHY didn't MFOYA partake in activities that bashers partake in, if the goal was to take him down?

    Most of the accusations that were made about MFOYA were no different than the accusations made about ANYONE who has questioned Mr. Hicks, or did not unconditionally support him and his choices. Some of his fans are always looking to blame someone else and sugar coat the truth. They prefer to make up fables about how jealous people want to ruin him, instead of accepting that Mr. Hicks was now dealing with the backlash of his poor choices and this time, his dishonesty.

  23. henry810:55 PM

    I didn't say you had been on idoltard, I just wondered if you had ever looked at it since you seemed to know the person who left the address. My last sentence was not very clear , I only meant that they are not much to know judging by what is on that site. I wondered if you would speak out againist it. I have no idea what you mean by my on-line website explorations. I look at most every thing so that I know what is is. I did not mean that a person is to be judged by what they look at but I might judge them if they do not speak up about garbage. I have seen you do that. You helped to get one site shut down. This one is as bad IMO. I don't know what you mean about being on VFTW. I do not know who anyone is on that site. I have looked at that site in the last 2 years maybe 3 times. Never saw much there that interested me. I think, I am not even sure I might have joined the first time I visited but never went back for a year. So really , I do know about the site but I have never been a part of it and I have no idea what your day out in Rockwell was.
    I well tell you what I told someone else just the other day, I don't flip-flop. I am just not as stuck on one idea as most people seem to be. I see many sides to almost every situation and I see many sides to every person. It confuses people but I can't help that. I always have and I always will.
    And to that other nitwit that posted.Even tho I know, I don't give a shit who mfoya was or is, don't know shit about a Bouncer or what chat you are talking about and don't care. And Taylor is not God not would I want him to be. I can't control anyones thoughts and opinions but my own. And right now as of this moment is that you believe some really stupid things.

  24. Anonymous11:57 PM

    Henry8, if you were someone that ran that MFOYA site and were behind the scenes then maybe you would know something, but you weren't. So why the do you pretend you have some knowledge when you don't? does it make you feel important or something? And how come not one person has backed anything you have had to say? Sorry, but MFOYA can't be that good.

    Junebug, someone that WOULD KNOW, posted this on that orphans site a while back


    Just when you think JAT/henry8/IDon’tCareSoMuchThatIPostAboutThisOnEveryTaySiteUnderOneOfMy13Identites
    has finally gotten a life, she goes that extra yard to show she hasn’t. I’m here to set the record straight. You can listen to Miss Multiple Personalities or you can check out the truth:

    Fact: JAT/Henry8 knows NADA about MFOYA. NO ONE knows anything about MFOYA. He came, he saw, he pulled back the curtain, he kicked ass, and when he left the SP koolaid drinkers were picking their jaws off the floor.

    by Junebug April 30, 2008 at 8:55 pm


    That is someone that WOULD KNOW.
    I think it's kinda psycho that you think you know the all the different sides about strangers on the internet. It makes you a nut case actually. "You have and you always will." Talk about delusional self importance. Loon loon.

  25. henry8, to be clear, those words about your flip-flopping are not mine, rather how someone else perceives you. I'm a Libra, I strive for a balance and can seem flip-floppy at times too, most likely - hell I don't care.

    Smartie's site isn't as bad as that other one I went after. For one, she had no idea who those folks were or that one had recently passed. She simply has this sort of sense of humor that it's not my place to explain.

    Looking at the circumstances and knowing that one gal featured, I thought it in horrible taste. Again though, she wasn't aware of the history or story about the lady so we can't just throw boulders at her about that issue.

    I don't get off on just laughing at folks for their appearance. They need to do or write something interestingly and obviously ridiculous to get my attention.

    She and insanesfv's last post about the ClayTards was funny as all hell; folks with their vans painted like ambulances with "bodies" on the roofs posing as "THUD" victims was a study in the wacky world of fans.

    My error regarding VFTW, I had thought you'd mentioned previously in several posts you visited there and laughed with some of the posters. Even a short visit or two would introduce you to insane and Smartie. My bad.

    Regarding your statement, "And right now as of this moment is that you believe some really stupid things." I haven't any idea what you're talking about here. I haven't said anything about what I think or believe outside of my posting about the Ducks.

    The MFOYA issue is a sore spot with you as I know you had met up and knew on-line one of the individuals behind the starting of the site. That person also stepped in at the end and closed it. That said, you don't know everyone behind the message and the words that carried it through the middle and main part. That is what goads some folks about you, they believe that you claim to know all about the site. Perhaps a misinterpretation by them, a misunderstanding. No matter. The 'guy in the middle' prefers to remain - 'anonymous'- anyway.

    For me I know you knew the gal who started it, and that's about it. I haven't any issue with you not liking them, I understand why you feel that way. I agree actually with you on your point that Taylor owes them no apology. He never promised to be a saint, that viewpoint came from some of the let's say, ardent, fans. Not his words at all.

  26. henry8 link to the claytard post with the decorated vehicles is HERE. Now tell me that's not funny...

  27. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Sunny, as usual you said it right. Thanks.

    Bingo, I would LOVE for some of the loons to answer your question. If MFOYA's purpose was to take Taylor down and ruin his career, why didn't they allow people to bash him? None of the haters want to answer that?

    I don't think Taylor needed to apologize to anybody, but doing what he did caused a lot of people to lose a lot of respect. That's his problem.. Can't expect everyone to love being fooled by a guy they look up to.

  28. You know, 'anonymous' that the reason the folks who profess hatred toward the MFOYA site are doing so out of plain fear and denial.

    Nothing revealed on MFOYA caused me to like Mr. Hicks any less. He's human, we make mistakes, it's our nature. Hell, I'm not perfect, ergo I don't expect anyone else to be either. I did not feel 'threatened' by MFOYA or the message. Folks who hate MFOYA did I suppose.

    Taylor Hicks never came on Idol professing to be anything but a struggling musician. I know those type of folks. lol I have lived in the life before with another husband who was also a struggling musician.

    Anyone let down by Mr. Hicks expected him to be something that he wasn't ever touting himself to be, rather something the Idol fans painted him into being.

    My only complaint with the Tale of Two Women would be that he let that farce perpetuate and did not man-up and say it like it was. I wasn't disappointed he had a fling or a hooker, I was somewhat disappointed he never addressed the issue head-on.

    I'm sure someone will come on later and tell me that's it is wrong to even think he should have addressed the issue but hell, it's my opinion.

  29. Anonymous10:25 PM

    It sounds like you believe the allegations of two women, Sunny? I'm really curious to know what you think because I've always been on the fence.

  30. Sunny, Mr. Hicks personal life was nothing I ever focused on or cared about, but MFOYA's sensational premise intrigued me and also all the hoopla about it. I was hooked. I read every post for and against. I became familiar with all the players. I really thought it was all fascinating.

    I was open minded. I took the time to look at the evidence. I looked at those photos, the differences in height and body, the difference in the face, and I also took into consideration that it was impossible for that gal to be on air and at a show at the same time. Sorry, it can't be done. Then there was that very strange letter from All the Answers. Once I put all those pieces together and looked at all that did not add up, it was plain as day there was smoke in the kitchen.

    The fans who have Mr. Hicks on a pedestal have chosen to ignore all of it and live in denial. They project their anger on anyone but him. That is wrong in my opinion and sad.

    What disappointed me was not the use of a prostitute (big deal), it was that Mr. Hicks continued to deceive people long after it was out in the open. It seemed arrogant, childish and disrespectful. It made me see him in a different light, not a bad one, just a different one.

    So, I agree, it would have only helped him to speak up. It's not something he had to do, but I would have respected him more for it.

  31. Hi, I was a hard case to get through to on this. I spent hours with MFOYA one day back and forth looking at the photos. I disappointed 'him' by saying I could not say it was indeed 2 women. There were too many similarities. Main differences in the photos lay in the jaw line structure of the women. That though could be explained by lighting and a number of other attributes that photographs can throw on images.

    I wasn't going to lie to him by saying there was only one, you see. He once asked me to say that I saw only one woman - the next day the news broke on RADAR, so perhaps he was trying to allow me to come out with the news first and I declined. Who knows?

    MFOYA accepted that and we remained on good terms. I think they realized I'm basically honest and I don't kiss ass. At that time I couldn't say yes, it was two women. The whole thing was just too strange.lol

    Then more news came through and Lois Gibson, who drew for a living from descriptions for the police, came forward with her findings from more photos than shown to the mass public - RADAR featured her.

    That was pretty convincing for me. Truth can be stranger than fiction.lol

    Only thing mattered to me in this whole thing was that Mr. Hicks did not ever come out and address the scandal situation. Man, it would have been very cool if he'd just come out in his own words on his blog, like a regular person and talked about it. I would have had so much respect for that.

  32. bingo, we must have been posting simultaneously regarding the 'respect' issue. That's interesting. ha ha. I completely agree with you.

  33. Anonymous11:59 PM

    Every picture I saw of CL looked just like CL, the only pics that didn't look like her were those on the beach! I didn't need Lois Gibson, but she helped.

    I think the whole thing was so strange that people had a hard time with it. But, like Sunny says, truth is often stranger than fiction.