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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mookie and Earl's Most Excellent Adventure

Checking in with Northern Idol, aka Canadian Idol, I've two Excellent favorites in the season six group. These young guys are on their Most Excellent Adventure; I could see them pairing up like The Wild Stallions.

video c/o wyldstallyons4ever

Jason Castro has nothing on Mookie and Earl regarding the Stoner Boi image. It's interesting how two guys who sound like Bill and Ted during their pre-performance interviews can then turn it around and do what they do on-stage.
"Twist and Shout" Mookie Morris. Love that guitar, Dude.

video c/o PhillyCI

"All Along the Watch Tower" Earl Stevenson

video c/o PhillyCI
Nothing heinous here, Dudes.

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