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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Speaking of Brain Melting: Muck Duck Quacks

Brains, as if this gal had one to begin with. I cruised past the girlfriend's site needing a nice laugh in between work on the computer and found them bashing fat chicks. Yes, fat chicks in bikinis, that's absolutely hilarious. With humor like this how does a show like The Office stay on television?

From dear Chill's site:

CelebrityBlondeBabe quacks, "Chill…You crack me up….Get ready…bad laugh,
Recognized a few of them…Tell me…did any of them sing? Waiting for the fat lady to sing. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Fantasy, she is thine friend.

"Funny, I heard about a fashion tip for the extra full figured dames… from a lady that checked me out in a fast food chain (she actually wore them)…she said there is a line of clothing…jeans…made exclusively for big butts…called APPLE BOTTOMS…well, these women need WATERMELON BOTTOMS…good grief…they look like samuari warriors…just don’t let um sit on you… it would be a slow and painful death."

Let me guess The Why part of the clothing line being brought up - no wait that's tacky. I'll leave it to you, dear readers, and your imagination. ha.

Have had an eventful day of real estate…had a closing…90 miles away…UGH! But, like picking up the check…hee hee…and missed most of the not so newsworthy reports from the chaingang. I DO hope that my celebrity status was in full force. See…Celebs don’t EVER show up."

One minor point, if said Celebrity - she means herself here, folks, never showed up how would they read all the juicy goodness they love to see being said about themselves. You see, she's gonna love this post. Yes, CelebrityBlondeBabe, you're such a Stah.

"They trick them…and go do something worthwhile and then hear about all the calamaties when they get back…especially ones that say things like…”Taylor was here….” B.S. Delusional NitWits…oh yea, he was there…like I’m for sure…it was surreal…HAHAHAHAHA! If ya wanna know what falls off a turnip truck…well, you now have an idea. LOL! Weren’t they supposed to change all their names too?"

I believe the name change meant to switch from guest#### to a name, not necessarily a fake name, although many did. Not I though. I ain't 'skeered'.

"Oh…that should have been fun…they would not even know who they were talking to. They might even bash their own people. LOL! Ok…enough of the ever uneventful side of hades, glad to see that all are well and hope that spam jail isn’t too full. Chill…I sent you extra crunchy peanut butter and day old bread for their dinner."

She's such an imbecile.

"Had a friend that visited Mexico the other day, she brought back H2O straight from the spicket of an old bar’s bathroom hole in the wall…and forwarded it to you…so that you can serve then water…OOPS…forgot the pepto bismal and extra toilet paper…ewwwww…bet it stinks in there."

It's not a "spicket", love, it's a "spigot", well that is if you're talking about a faucet anyway.

Yes, that from the mouth of a self-professed "Swan". Sounds more like the quacking of a Muck Duck to me.


  1. thegoddamnbatgirl3:29 PM

    And it's "Pepto-Bismol," for God's sake. It's on TV all the time! It's there on the label!

    Also, I'd like to know what ellipses has done to her for her to abuse them so much.

    In conclusion, this is for her. One of the lamer macros in my collection, but I can't bring myself to try with her.

  2. I let the Pepto slide. There was so much material. I had to limit myself.

  3. Anonymous10:44 PM

    All I can say is....... I would not want any of those women on my team. So whatever side they are one, please put me on the other.