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Thursday, July 17, 2008

It is a Full Moon; and "Daddy's" Watching

Taylor Hicks fans are doing what they sometimes do when the guy starts making some media waves. You know what I'm talking about. Anyone who has stepped into any fan board associated with that reality show has seen the way the tides ebb and flow; they've witnessed the types of people who gravitate to that venue and follow the talent, with the Taylor Hicks regulars some of the most avid.

The reason for the current turmoil standing among some of the fans is ridiculous. It's a matter of over investment, a matter of fanatic versus fan behavior. There are satire fan sites that make it a point to mock American Idol due to the sheer over the top fan followings that sprout from the show. The folks that haunt the satire forums have coined a name for these folks; "FanTards". It's an urban slang way of indicating mindless and single focused thought processes toward the object they adore. Many might very well be 700 Club watchers with the way some attribute religious qualities to their object of devotion.

Veering from the more ardent fan's perspective surely to grant you condemnation. The very fact they think they are able to hurl that condemnation the very thing that the satire sites live for - for that is what "FanTarding" is all about. Oh, and the over the top gooey gushing, the fawning, the cult follower mentality, the frightening fan fiction, especially the 'adult' variety. Yeah, those some of the qualities that might get that "FanTard" title bestowed upon them.

"Condemnation" DePeche Mode LYRICS

Everyone has two sides to them, I'm no different. Looking out last night at that big full moon it hit me. What hit me? No, not a rock from the neighbors for my stereo blasting; rather the why of my moods the past week. It happens every month. No not THAT - I'm writing about the Full Moon.

The need to just get out and howl comes over me, and even though I don't require a Nair shower - my fangs do seem to become more prominent - metaphorically speaking.

"Werewolves of London"

What is the 'Daddy' Watching part of the title about, you might ask? Well there is a certain resident in NYC (near 34th and Broadway and 42nd St.) who tends to visit IDOL BLUES often. I think I might keep him entertained, that or appalled. Another 'Daddy', an 'old friend'. Let's play guess who might this guy be? No Jeanni, it's not Aaron Ruffruff. Am I serious or am I just making fun....?


  1. Sunny, you're pulling a "Gray" on us! S'OK. I like a little mystery.

  2. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Sunny, you keep Daddy entertained and appalled at the same time, for sure! ;) I've often wondered myself why American Idol attracts all the crazies. I think it's the point of the show - to create fan hysteria. I've been reading in David Cook's message boards lately and I swear it's the same recycled stuff I read two years ago when Taylor won.

  3. Anonymous6:28 PM

    I have a message for Brightlight, since I will never post at that pathetic site because it lowers my intelligence:

    Brightlight, how stupid can you be? Taylor reads all the sites that are about him. Think about it..if you had a site that talks about you, whether it's positive or negative, you would not read it? Please, it's human nature! Please use that brain God gave you! Thank you.

  4. caryl, I love a good mystery myself. I'll have more photos another post.

    Regarding Litebright her eyes are way too close together to merit a great deal of intensity of intellect.

    The Cook's Cougars sound exactly like some of the SP. Likely some of the same folks, and hey, what about Lil' Archey's Angels? Sadly some of Castro's fans sound somewhat religiously deranged as well. Don't get me started about Joshua Lemming's fans.

  5. Change that to Josiah. I always want to call that kid Joshua.

  6. NotTaylorHicks11:26 PM

    THe girlfriend site is at you again. That simpleton, Brightlite said, "oh my I heard that Sunny at Idol blues thinks taylor is watching her site. She calls him an old friend. lmao. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry for that poor girl.
    so I will write LOL which you all get and
    FCOL which you all can figure out."

    I think she and the rest of the Loons missed your point Sunny. You weren't meaning it was Hicks in that pic that's why you mentioned Aaron, because Jeanni always thought he was behind MFOYA.

    That Brightlight's eyes in her photograph on her site are so close together there isn't any room for a brain.

    Love you chick, see you soon.

  7. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Brighlight has a site? Someone please post a link! I have to see this for myself.

  8. Anonymous9:10 AM

    I found BL's blog, so ignore my last post. I should have read Sunny's latest blog.