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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Taylor Hicks vs Devil's Advocate

Taylor Hicks, for a brief time, had his "Early Works" CD on the market at numerous locations for pre-release sales. One location, amazon.com, has dropped the CD and has refunded monies paid to purchasers. No word from Taylor's group what happened there, although there were some fans who created theories published as facts to compensate for any authentic news. (It sold out according to them.)

Best Buy still has the Taylor Hicks "Early Works" CD but continues to state the release date as August 19th; from what I've read in 'TaylorLand', it's been bumped up to August 12th. You'd think the PR guys with Taylor Hicks would have that changed, but like everything else in the land of this man, all must remain without explanation.

Today, on one blog I read,
"As Taylor enters a new chapter in his career with a brand new CD on a brand new label dropping this Fall, a new national and international tour next year, a compilaton (sic) CD of his pre-Idol days called "Early Works" (out August 12 - details to come shortly), a DVD of his 2007 concert tour,and presently, the star of *Grease* on Broadway, I thought back on the first time Simon Cowell saw Taylor and said he "should be singing backgrounds - not in the forefront"."

Note, this blogger still trapped in Season Five, American Idol.

She continues with:
"I only hope he walked on the corner of 47th and 7th Avenue in New York City this summer to see Taylor's 10 story billboard - or better yet - the reactions he's getting from the 100,000 or so theater-goers he'll have played to this summer at the Brooks Atkinson Theater."

Simon Cowell's a busy man, doubtful he's prowling New York to check out Taylor's billboard.
"He recently said in a radio interview that he's happy to have regained control of his career. This "Grease" gig is probably the best career decision he's made yet."

That part was a little confusing since it followed the Simon remark, but she's talking about Taylor gaining control - I think Cowell's career is just dandy.

My question is how does she know when this new CD is actually 'dropping'? There's not any legitimate information to be found on the exact "when" of it. Heck, the "Early Works" compilation CD seems to be getting all bungled up in it's own little mire much less think to the future and a new CD. Regarding 'label' Taylor Hicks is not signed to a label. He's marketing the "EW" CD through Vanguard as a distributor. Labels and distributorship are very different. Now if they are talking about the Modern Whomp Records label, that's something that Mr. Hicks has talked about starting.

Should you be interested in looking up Taylor Hicks' Modern Whomp Records, all that is available, currently is an image. Record labels notably have websites that include pertinent information about themselves and their products. Take Calvin Ayre as an example and his Bodog Records site - importantly there is contact information, and address information establishing it as an actual physical presence. Googling Modern Whomp Records all the seeker finds is that emblem designed by the Monkbot site owner and past Gray Charles poster, Shelley. Now that's not to say something might change in the near future. Y'all take heart, now.

Then there's that pesky DVD promised. I'd have to dust off the cobwebs in my archives to find out when that originally was promised but it was like two years ago, and to be titled, "Whomp at the Warfield". Taylor Hicks does love his "whomp" word. Well, we have folks still out there with fingers crossed, holding out that we will see that hit the shelves one day. God, I love optimists.

Regarding Taylor Hicks' new National and International tours that the blogger included in her post, Taylor Hicks has no way in Hell to hold a big National tour much less travel internationally. Who's funding this tour? (Certainly those Meet and Greets at the Brooks Atkinson not sufficient to do that...) What venues would he fill to capacity to warrant a massive tour and what the Hell does he have to offer (in reality) to establish a National and International Tour? *whispering* Taylor Hicks is not John Mayer, Taylor Hicks is not Chris Martin. People, wake up and smell my Starbucks, or don't, your prerogative, again, I love optimists.

One other thing folks, fans of this man, let the American Idol shit go, even on this blogger's site, an image of a hot air balloon with Chris Daughtry's face on it. She captions, with Daughtry supposedly speaking,"I Know I'm a Poser! I Know I'm a Tool! But I Can't Stop Licking Clive's Ass! Yum!" Nice.

The best thing anyone who likes Taylor Hicks can do is stop living in 2006 and join everyone else currently in 2008. Oh, and step through that looking glass people. Some folks seriously resemble that Lewis Carrol story in thought and action. Thank you.

video c/o xavierXreivax


  1. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!! Agree with every word you say. Every single one!

  2. Anonymous8:23 AM

    And he doesn't drink, smoke, cuss or sleep around either remember?

  3. That's right, he's purrrfect. Checked out the Chill gals to see their reaction, there's always a reaction - CBB in her brainless glory babbles about rabbits eating snakes.

    Poor gal back in them thar hill they don't learn 'em much about critters and such.

    Man, it's like a freaky comedy routine over there, a study of Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest.

  4. Anonymous5:04 PM

    I'd never post over there. Don't want them to have anything on me. But I know they'll read it here.

    Taylor don't walk water on water sistahs.....lol. He is even been known to "experiment" my dearies. Get over your holier than thou selves.