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Saturday, July 26, 2008

IDOL BLUES Dangles This Carrot of Thought

Taylor Hicks' fans who love my 'carrots' of thought, here is something else to add to your list. Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the most foolish of them all? Think about it folks, amazon.com pre-release sales never end before the release dates due to being "sold out". ...Or do they?

Taylor Hicks is not pressing the vinyl in his New York City apartment, nor having Bill Will print them out in his, well, where ever he lives. These "Early Works" CDs are being distributed by Vanguard Records. V-A-N-G-U-A-R-D. Do you seriously imagine that Vanguard would only provide a limited amount for sale? Not if they are serious about making money.

Think about this concept, if only a certain number were available why the emails from amazon.com refunding monies paid and the commentary the CD is not available? Just proposing some thoughts to contemplate. I know though the hard-core fans will suck it up as blasphemy that these ideas are even in print. One more thought, it matters not to me, but it is curious with all the fan talk out and about regarding this topic why nothing coming forth from Mr. Hicks or anyone associated with him?

Who knows the real deal about this turn of events? I don't care either way what happened but it is entertaining to read the theories being posted in the forums. Me, I'm off to the West Coast in a few days, will be mixing some business with pleasure.
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  1. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Sunny, it was the idiot mod on HQ Gypsee who posted that Amazon had filled all the orders. I remember seeing her post on HQ that she got in touch with Amazon and that's what they told her. I think that's a big fat lie. She invents stories to placate posters on HQ. I think that woman is a total idiot and I knew that two years ago.

  2. Anonymous8:40 PM

    LOL, entertaining is an understatement. With everything going on this world today, who cares what happened to the EW CD?? I mean when it really comes down to it. The theories give me a headache, and surely give Taylor a belly ache from the laughter.

    And it seems he's been laughing his way to the bank with the bogus hefty priced M&G's. Go Tay Tay!!

  3. You can lol all you want about the M&G and his laughing all the way to the bank about them. It's hardly a great fame attribute or something to be proud of - "hey I got all these women to pay me $XXX to see me a few minutes!".

    Man, when I pole danced I made a lot of money. Did it make me great? Hell no. It did pay my bills. He's pole dancing. That's all.


  4. OH I know Gypsee. Fame whore. Once a long time ago I'd put a piece on Bo Bice on blogcritics.org. Someone had emailed me a clip of his Idol Concert in Detroit. No name or who did it. I posted it in the piece. Instead of her nicely contacting me through emails she came on the site screaming that was her video. She was quite rude about it and caused a fuss.

    Something you'd not think a person involved in psychology or whatever she's into to do. Very uncool.

    I apologized as I did not know it was hers - this was before a lot was on youtube, I guess. She still was bitchy about it. I never will forget that. It was an honest mistake on my part, but she was not very gracious about it. Then Taylor came on the scene and she jumped over to him.