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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Taylor Hicks How is One Man's Idol Another Mans' Joke?

Taylor Hicks' fans have been alerted via google and otherwise to a relatively new site. I found it last week in a Taylor Hicks' alert. In one of my previous postings, henry8 brought up this relatively new and I suppose becoming controversial site, IdleTard.com. She compared it to a now defunct site that was geared toward viciously attacking certain Taylor Hicks fans in overtly personal and disgusting sexually personal slams.

Henry8 wrote, "I do not mean that a person is to be judged by what they look at but I might judge them if they do not speak up about garbage. I have seen you do that. You helped to get one site shut down. This one is as bad IMO.". I guess I did play a role in that site's demise to a degree, with my commentary, but it was inevitable it would be shut down regardless of what I or anyone else said. If I were the folks who were the subjects of that site, attorneys would be right now in court; that site may have been named, "The View to Your Ass" but man, I'd not leave them the clothes to cover their own asses.

Regarding IdleTard.com - while many straight and sincere fan folks might consider being pretty hard core regarding subject matter, it is run by someone completely educated in legal aspects. They know the difference in crossing the line that the other site in question's owners were clueless about. My beef with that now 'defunct' site was the illegality and the personal vindictiveness that had nothing to do with any humor nor snark, simply stupidity and viciousness. Perhaps many folks won't see the difference between these two sites, but there is a huge difference.

Reason for henry8's anger toward Idle Tard.com? The site's focus which includes, but is not exclusionary, about Taylor Hicks and his fans. Started by folks who inhabit VFTW, Smartie and insane and the gang frolic and play among the internet fan sites selecting the most entertaining and "post worthy" recipients of the moment among the American Idol fan bases.

Henry8 and some others in Taylor Hicks' fan base became upset because Smartie lifted photos from one of the fan boards that included a much loved fan among them, Dee Dee. This lady has recently passed away and so the groups were featuring her photos apparently as a remembrance.

While I think it deplorable to make fun at someone's expense who has recently passed away, on IdleTard.com, that's not what is happening in that particular post. Smartie doesn't single anyone out, she is not making fun of Dee Dee in particular, Dee Dee just happens to be in the pictures. There is not a valid point in riling yourself up full of umbrage against what is in that post, since, that would be an illogical approach.

Overall that post that was put up to poke fun in a general format. It really had nothing to do with Dee Dee, that wasn't the point; it is the respondees to the post that bring her up. Granted Smartie's comeback to the irate posters associated with that particular posting not particularly sensitive but that's Smartie's prerogative. I'm not here to stand up for Smartie, certainly she's more than amply capable to do that herself.

IdleTard.com is a site that while many find it insulting, because, man who wants to see themselves as the butt of a joke, but it's enlightening and perhaps somewhat of a reality check. Seriously it can be easy to fall off into that void of illogical fandom. I have been guilty of getting giddy sometimes over this or that individual, but there are truly people out in the world who will spend their last dime to follow and try gain attention of someone they admire. This encompasses not just American Idol fans, although they are a classic group, but also sports fans, political fans, celebrity fans. It's like any kind of addiction whether drugs or alcohol, there are many people who go completely bonkers and lose their footing in reality.

Perhaps it just comes down to one man's Idol being another mans' joke. The mind can do crazy and mysterious things to us if we take ourselves too seriously and forget to laugh at ourselves.

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  1. Anonymous5:23 PM

    I think Idletard is hilarious. Maybe that's cause I know I'm not one of those people so I can laugh. If I was acting like that, I would deserve to be made fun of. That's my view.

  2. Man, leave yourself open and somebody's gonna find humor. I mean look at all the comedians out there that do this on a regular basis during their stand up gigs.

    It's a matter of being able to laugh at yourself. Thing is, many of these folks take this so seriously it's the scary aspect. lol

  3. henry87:53 PM

    Heres my one question, if someone out there in someone elses opinion is overdoing it, such as following all over the country, or spending all their money, why does that concern them? This is not personal to me as I have little money to spend and no time to go anywhere but if I did why would someone want to spend their precious time belittling me about it? It seems many of these folks have become as obsessed with making fun of the fans as the fans are with their involvement. And the fact is, as long as the fan is not dangerous its none of their damn business.
    If someone goes overboard with gushing or travel or money spent, its their and maybe their families problem. Some of these people seem to spend 24 hours a day, reading sites, copying and pasting, lifting pictures all for the uplifting experience of making fun of some very nice people. It seems to me they might just be the ones with the obsessive problem even more so than any over involved fan.
    Yes, saying "dead or not shes still a tard" was extremely sweet.
    I imagine this may get me talked about on idletard, which I realize is about all idols fans. Have at it.
    To a point there was some humor in this kind of thing, but it has lost its charm. My feelings can't be bothered but others can and it just is really, really stupid.

  4. henry87:59 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. henry88:21 PM

    I'm sorry, I forgot one thing and then I will not bother you about this again. I am sure there is someone out there saying "What a hypocrite. She had done the same thing herself" They are right and I should have had my ass kicked.
    I will say, I don't believe I was ever vicious as some are and I sure never said anything anywhere where someone would see it and be hurt by it. A small difference maybe but true.

  6. Hell, henry8, it's the way it is. Look at how that psycho 'reader' aka 15 Minutes aka I'm not gonna spill has harassed me and others. It's the way it is.

    Like I said though, henry8 Smartie had no idea the names and faces nor history. Do you know who the gals are with DeeDee in that one pick?

    Hell one day I'll be dead and my daughters will find that fucking 15 Minutes site. How do you think they'll feel? Man, all is Fair in Love and Internet I suppose.

    I like your compassion though, that's why I like you.

  7. henry811:48 PM

    Would you agree with me that some people are as obsessed with making fun of the fans as some fans are with Taylor? They seem to spend just as much time at it.

    And I understand that she didn't know who the woman was when she posted the picture. But what a thing to say when she was informed of it.

  8. Anonymous11:51 PM

    henry8, these people are acting like fools, so yes some people are going to make fun of them. Hey, don't you post on that Asses site? Doesn't that person make fun of people? How is anything that person is doing ANY DIFFERENT? Unbelievable.

  9. Hell, henry8 that's Smartie.

  10. anonymous, that's right, 'Asses does the same thing when she thinks she's being very cool and fighting "chrolls".

    That's boring.

  11. bingo4:31 AM

    I have seen that Asses blog and that blog has no point other than to make fun of fans. Henry8 is an avid poster (one of few). I guess Henry8 believes it's alright to make fun of a certain type of fan, the ones that don't support every move Mr. Hicks makes. However, if you support him to a point of extreme obsession and worship, it must be alright. Hypocrite? I would say so.

  12. henry89:03 AM

    No she does not do the same thing at all but I think you know that. If you don't you are hopeless. She pokes fun at people who are being nasty. She is not nasty to people who are simply being nice and often don't even know things like idoltard exist. Big, huge difference. Show me the innocent, harmless fan that is just trying to enjoy Taylor and has never said anything bad to anyone that she has made fun of. Tell me who that would be.

  13. SuperGirl1:30 PM

    The Idletard blog brings a goddamn tear to my eye with its overwhelming beauty.

    (Good afternoon, Sunny dear. I RETURN AGAIN, like a boomerang or maybe herpes.)

  14. Super to see you supergirl. Satire = Love.

  15. bingo2:05 PM

    I am speechless henry8. In YOUR opinion those people Asses makes fun of are being nasty. In YOUR opinion. In MY opinion I don't believe they are being nasty. I believe they are stating their opinions just like everyone in the godforsaken world. Nasty would be those two sisters. Take a look around you.

    You contradict yourself with just about anything you write. It's amazing.

  16. Anonymous2:34 PM

    The way I look at it. If you put pictures of youself marrying a cardboard cut-out of Clay Aiken on the internet, then you deserve to be made fun of. In fact, any form of extreme fandom needs to be made fun of. I can laugh at it, because none of that is me and I'm not necessarily being mean to these people-I'm just laughing at their extreme silliness. I wonder if any of the Idols (Aiken, Hicks, Archuleta, Cook, etc) like any of their fans silly and obsessive behavior? My guess is they don't. The world looks at them as goofy artists with goofy fans, which translates into their music not getting played, which translates into low CD sales, which translates into NO money being made! Fan behavior does effect the artist and that's something that fans don't get.

  17. Anonymous2:41 PM

    The photo on Idletard with the women with letter hats spelling out Taylor's name - do they have any idea how silly they look?
    Silly fans = Silly Artist! Viewing a photo like that would turn me off to the artist immediately, without even hearing his music, because if that's the type of fan he attracts, I want nothing to do with that. Again, the tards have NO idea how much they are hurt the artist.