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Friday, July 11, 2008

Taylor Hicks Fans: Don't Mix Drugs and Keyboards

There are many and various great reasons not to do drugs. Now I'm not talking aspirin or the occasional sleep-aide type med. Rather I'm here tonight to speak about mixing keyboards and hallucinogenics. It's not a good idea.

Taylor Hicks fans know that their man has not been an Abstinence Angel during his life time - perhaps playing a Teen Angel in "Grease" helping him fly that right path. (I kid.)

Taylor Hicks is adding an additional from the usual profit, uplifting totals by $150,000.00 a week for the production. Man, that will buy a lot of Duck feed...if you're feeding Ducks. (I'm not.)

Now I know Taylor Hicks is nobody's Angel in real life, he's gone out and partied, had his fun; man, so have I. Drugs, yeah, I've done some, purely as a - you know - an 'educational theorist standpoint'. I mean how can I write about something I haven't actually experienced? Wait. I have written about murder and haven't done that ...(yet)

Anyway as a precaution and notice because I care so much for all of the Taylor Hicks fans out there, I just wanted to caution everyone about the dangers and say, "Man, stay clean, stay real, stay off of drugs." Reason for my concern tonight? (freaks)

A few examples:

celebrityblondebabe // July 9, 2008 at 11:10 pm

"You are definately" (sic) "a delusional fan…cross out the fan…let’s say…You are definately" (sic) "delusional if you confuse Ducks with Swans…of course, if you have never been a Swan, haven’t lived the life of a Swan plus don’t recognize a Swan…and only trapse"(sic)"around in muck all your life…then, maybe it’s not just a delusion, but confusion. What one’s breeding does is to
expose that there is indeed a mix of a classless society vs. a classy society. What one does not get…one will never get. One man’s joke…is another man’s realization of those that lack good taste."

She must have been 'peaking' when she rambled all of this out. Wait, I can't leave this tidbit out, this is hilarious: (from the same "celebritybb" chick)

"I noticed out on the lake today, the geese swam in formation away from the ducks who swam in their own cluster following the geese…but, before the geese were the Swans who swam with their heads held high…had such an aire

Let's stop here a moment, definitions of 'aire': Wiki and not to leave out Websters - I doubt a river in northern England what she had in mind. Let's continue with this study of a mind fried on some sort of hallucinogenic substance. Man, I'm thinking she needs to market this stuff...

CelebrityBB continues her rant" "...about them…because…they just knew…it was ingrained in them…sustained by their DNA…peaked with demure expression..."

Now that's just funny

"because they know who they are and where they are going.

Taylor Hicks…knows where he is going…he knows because it is engrained"
(sic)" in his DNA. Some have it…some don’t…and some don’t even understand it…so, what do they do? They swim around in circles…vicious circles…and if they swim hard enough and long enough…they create a whirlpool and get swallowed up like being flushed down the toilet. SLURP!
Buh-bye…Adios, Chica"

Man, I love a good laugh, good God.

Here's her sister obviously on the same stuff:

Ah yes, Swans? That was right on the mark. Reminding me of my show dog German Shepherd who is the best behaved animal I’ve ever had and the sweetest… vs the mixed Shepherd a friend of mine insisted on buying against my advice. I warned her about it, she didn’t listen and…that mixed Shephard was mean as sin. It would attack anyone, at anytime, without provocation, but seemingly for the fun of it. They finally had to do sell the dog, he was vicious. The lesson there was a simple one, just as you said Cbb, its all in the DNA and breeding….Ducks are not Swans and never could, nor will be. An excellent life lesson I would imagine…thanks. :)"

My guess they don't advocate 'rescuing' dogs from the pound and only buy the most expensive animals. Such great humanitarians. I should subscribe to their level and drop adopting and fostering pets from here on out. I guess all mixed breeds and strays should just go directly from birth to the doggie gas chamber. Euthanasia. Kill the mongrels per Jeanni and CBB, great and sane humanitarians. LOL

Thank the Good Lord that these chicks bought Taylor Hicks a fucking basket of beer so he'd get to know the 'finest' beers. I'm sure the guy needed their basket to educate him on what to drink and what makes a decent brew.

Check this out:
celebrityblondebabe // July 10, 2008 at 11:06 pm

"You left one out.

You might be a delusional fan…if you think that Taylor would be happy in the environment that he was in prior to his latest success on AI. He drinks the finest beer (thanks to our basket, LOL) and he rides in LIMOS…he eats first class, has first class accomodations"
(sic) "including flights, his clothing is exquisite, including his Italian leather $600 plus shoes…he hangs with the elite and dates classy cuties…he invest" (sic) "rather than blow all his money on the slot machines in Vegas, he will one day hand TPTB their asses on a Silver Platter…and when that day comes…I will certainly hear that fat lady sing. Where has that fat lady been lately? Haven’t seen her around."

What the hell is that about anyway? They have anything to do with the guy's life? Because they sent him a fucking basket of Beer all of his latest 'great things in life' are somehow related to them? That's just bloody demented.
"Heart Shaped Box" Nirvana, my favorite drug induced band

video c/o euphanisariarecords


  1. henry89:56 AM

    I'm trying to stay out. But had to say that I would never own anything but a mutt. They are the most clever with great survival skills and you know who would be one of them.
    Hmmmm....I have a bit of an idea. :-)

  2. Indeed, henry8.

    I should have ignored them but my brain could not believe what my eyes were reading last night. What a hoot. The Swan reference was hilarious.

  3. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Sad part is they aren't on drugs, they are just scary, scary, people. I will never ever forget when CBB pulled out a picture of some brunette lady and said "see this is Caroline Lyders she looks different all the time, but boy is she pretty!"

    LOLOLOL!!!! Meanwhile, it was totally a different woman. I have a feeling they are not only hated online but offline as well.

  4. I had forgotten about that ridiculous incident. It runs in the family apparently with Muck Ducks. That never ending confusion of reality vs mental fantasy.

  5. Anonymous9:55 PM

    I hope those two sisters seek help, LOL!

  6. Not a chance, you see - they don't 'need it' everyone else does - they think they're Swans. lol