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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jason Castro Hits a Milestone

Beautiful Jason Castro has hit a milestone in his entertainment career, his myspazz site has registered 1,000,000,000 song plays and he's riding at over five and a half million profile views. That's phenomenal for a kid that this time last year had performed a handful of times live. Go over and increase those numbers, show your support for Jason with visiting the site and listening to his tunes.

Jason Castro possesses a multi-dimensional appeal, a big positive, for me at least, his staying 'grounded'. He's staying real, not forgetting who he is - that realism in the face of what would turn most people's egos upside down is commendable and admirable. (His Momma and Daddy did a great job.) On his myspazz site he writes in his 'About' section:
"...that is I...haha welcome to the space! you've caught me in a strange time...most of you probably know me from the show American Idol. i came in fourth place this last season and i am now on a nation wide tour playing in sold out arenas and i've never even released an album... isnt that rediculous?! haha so strange but i must say, its pretty fantastic! haha that is the amazing wonder of american idol, and that is where im at right now! traveling the country getting to meet all the lovely people who've had my back these last few months."

What hits me is that last line - "the lovely people who've had my back these last few months". Jason Castro realizes what will make him successful: the fans. Thing is with Castro he's leading like an everyman guy next door who has a gift that other people recognize. Jason Castro is coming out of that fishbowl of a reality show with both his feet on the ground of reality. It is so cool to see that.

I love his weekly 'date nights' in which he vlogs to the fans. He made a promise to the fans to do this and he keeps his word. The vlogs are not long, he doesn't try and wax egotistical or self-important. Jason just talks to the camera like he'd talk to his real life family or friends. It is paying off, for him. These early days of a career are the days to give to the fans, because as 'Karma' tells us, what you give is what you'll get. There's that adage, you will reap what you've sown, and Jason Castro is sowing all kinds of love, all kinds of goodwill and all kinds of great, sweet vibes.

Hell, at the rate he's going the guy may one day have the kind of success that everyone in the music biz dreams big about having. Thing is, if he doesn't I know it won't crush him. He's reminding me very much of Frank Marino (Mohogany Rush). Frank still gives to his fans and to this day has the kind of career he wants - on his terms. I hope for at least that level of success for Jason.
"If I Fell" Jason Castro on A.I.

video c/o vidtext
Since I mentioned Frank Marino here's a video shot by a fan. He tours Dallas every Fall and I always love to go hear me some Frank! Check out Frank wailing some Blues guitar HERE. Just awesome.

Frank Marino, "Stories of a Hero"

video c/o blackdiesel


  1. Anonymous7:18 PM

    The only problem with the million is that is not being played by millions but a few who play it all day long with the volume off just to make the play count high. Does that really help Jason or is it false hope for him? If a record company see that thinking he has millions of fans buying his CD it would be wrong it would be a few thousand at this point.

  2. For one thing you don't know who or what is instigating those numbers. Your comment that it's a few folks with the volume off makes no sense since it is coming from your imagination, no facts. Saying things on-line like that are a passive aggressive tactic to try and influence folks for or against someone or something.

    In this case, you are not a Castro fan and likely have taken on some kind of self-appointed mission to take him and anyone else who's not your pick from that reality show down a peg or two. I'd hope anyone reading such hypothetical statements written to try and represent a fact understand them for what they are.

    Man, that's just a little nutty, my friend.

    You have no idea what you are talking about in real life. Go take your meds.

  3. chocolatechic10:16 PM

    WOW, great blog! Jason is awesome, and I play his music all day with the volume UP, so I can hear his wonderful voice. Nice try anonymous, but you are very wrong! Jason has millions of fans, all ready and waiting to buy his music! God has great plans for this talented singer/songwriter!

  4. Speaking of "WOW" thanks to all interested parties in Jason - and Castrocopia, this blog hit some big numbers today, in the thousands. Somebody loves this boy. ;)

  5. Anonymous12:23 PM

    If you go to his fan sites and see, "if you are on-line you should be playing his Myspace" "hit play every 17 minutes", "lets break our record from yesterday". How does one person playing his songs over and over again, and you know who you are who is doing this, how does this translate into millions of fans? He is talented I'm not saying that but the plays doesn't mean it's that many fans playing it, it's all I'm saying.

  6. Well, that's certainly a silly waste of time if fan forums are promoting taking that action.

    I don't go to fan sites and hang out so I have no idea what is happening out there in his fan forums, but that's nothing original. Other fan sites have been said to do this too.

    If they want to fall for the hype and play hit the site, it's their time and their life. I don't recommend it.

  7. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Have you ever seen the movie called A Beautiful Mind?
    The main character and you have the same dilemna I think. I love your blog!
    you are a great writer.
    Thank you much!
    Keep the Castro vids coming.
    LOVE that guy.

  8. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Thanks for your positive and encouraging comments about Jason Castro. Jason is a phenomenal new and unique talent with the potential to become a megastar one day. Hopefully, he will enjoy much success and longevity in the music industry. Unfortunately, the way the myspace top artist ratings game is played, the rankings are determined by the ratio of the number of plays to the number of views. I think this is not the best way to track popularity of new artists. The problem is the MP3players don't always download and play properly, (like they're doing today!)so many people give up; which is unfair to Jason and the other artists.

  9. Hahaha, I've never been told I'm like Nash in a "Beautiful Mind"; nor do I take psychotropics, at least yet. lol

    Thank you for the compliment on the writing, even if it's like nothing I've heard before.

    I do love that Jason Castro.