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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Idol Tour - Jason Castro: "Crazy"

Jason Castro going "Crazy" on the Idol tour. Not 'stir crazy' more like Gnarls Barkley "Crazy". This little gem of a sneak peak video is a little bouncy at first but straightens out.

video c/o jastrdude
Castro's not playing the "I might have offers" game, he has candidly stated his first CD will likely be an Indie. Not that it's a bad thing. I'm thinking for Castro this may be an excellent choice, even if a big name steps up. Well, depending on the 'big name'. Some labels are much more artistically liberal than others.


  1. henry811:17 AM

    Seems indie is the way to go to me, that way a few hundred thousand in sales makes you money and gets you considered a success. The other way you are a failure unless you sell double millions. Weird.
    Sound quality not so good, but it sounds like he did a good job with that.
    I'm not going back to read right now but I think you said something the other day about Jason being more open than T? From what I can make out it seems that Jason was raised in a very open family.
    I think T was raised to keep things from people so as not to upset anyone. Makes a lot of difference in a persons way of dealing with things.

  2. You're likely right on with that assessment with Taylor. My thoughts on him too. I noticed in some of the Broadway fan vids he's really being quite approachable with the fans. Those pictures LindaR took were really good ones.

    Have you clicked her photo at the top yet for Hick's dedication song? hahaha - Fits him.

    That video of Jason was taken by someone trying to sneak a video. LOL There's a better one on youtube now. I put it in my sidebar. He's doing so great with all the fans. They love him.

  3. henry810:14 PM

    Yes, I listened to the dedication song. It does fit, love the Allmans. But now its driving me crazy, there was a country song out not to long ago, something about an angel with damaged wings, not the best song in the world but I always thought of Taylor whenever I heard it, now I can't remember. Will drive me nuts. LOL

  4. henry810:23 PM

    I put "angel with damaged wings" into search and came up with
    Mother Plucker Feather Company.
    Much as that sounds like something to do with Taylor, its not it. LMAO

    No, I can't remember who sang the damn thing either.