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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Taylor Hicks Early Works, Big News - and a Canadian 'Leprechaun'

Taylor Hicks' compilation album, "Early Works" is currently available for early pre-release purchase. The information on Amazon provides no details on the song list but Mr. Hicks has revealed in numerous interviews that the CD is composed of his "In Your Time" and "Under the Radar" tunes. The always seemingly enigmatic Mr. Hicks hasn't provided any further details on the contents of the CD or whether the tunes have undergone remastering.

He gave a satellite interview aired on MyFox6 in Birmingham, AL, recapping that fateful barbeque sandwich that lead him to the theater gig. First ever meat sandwich that held the answer to a Big decision, I'm guessing.

I'm sure everyone has seen this video with Taylor Hicks singing "Beauty School Drop-Out" to the gal who plays Frenchie in the production. Mr. Hicks sounds a little hoarse, the NYC allergens might have been messing with him that morning.

The Big News you ask? Check out this blog for the MTV.com scoop on more clues regarding what Mr. Hicks may have up his Teen Angel suit sleeves.

Now for the not-so-wee leprechaun part of this blog. As many may know I play with the 'Worster' crowd from time to time. Canadian Idol just went down to their Top Ten and one of my favorites Stoner Spazz-Master who claims his dance moves choreographed by leprechauns makes the cut.
Earl Stevenson, Leprechaun stomp dancer extraordinare:

Here's Earl Monster Mashing:

Man I hope Mookie Morris goes through too. Canadian Idol is a kick.

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