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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Taylor Hicks - "Daddy" goes Black

Taylor Hicks has had some visual revamping going on with his website. Yes, that Mack Daddy has gone and incorporated a big logo picture like I've seen on Jason Castro's site (ha!). It includes, Taylor Hicks' "Grease" promo shot and better yet, he's running with my favorite color - Black.

Just think how much better that Taylor Hicks' page might be if he'd hire a witty writer for that blog... We'd see "Daddy" in fine form - as he turns things around.

"Back in Black" with Jack Black (and the foo fighters. cool, rockin' fun.)

Now I'm on a Dave Grohl tangent. This is one of my fave pal's favorite tunes.

This is one of my favorite Foo tunes; "Learn to Fly". It's from their "Nothing Left to Lose" CD. This is an old Letterman video.

Run and tell all of the angels
This could take all night
Think I need a devil to help me
Get things right

Hook me up a new revolution
Cos this one is a lie
We sat around laughing
And watch the last one die

Im looking to the sky to save me
Looking for a sign of life
Looking for something help me burn out bright

Im looking for complications
Looking cos Im tired of lying (trying in 2nd chorus)
Make my way back home
When I learn to fly (high)

Verse 2
Think Im done nursing the patience
I can wait one night
Id give it all away
If you give me one last try

We live happily ever trapped
If you just save my life
Run and tell the angels
That everything is all right


  1. henry81:45 AM

    Oh you meant the black myspace. I found it right after I left. I love it but I wish he had put a new pic up too. Thats ones been there a really long time.
    Looks better.

  2. Maybe that's on the next 'to do' list. Now if he'd just focus on the communication aspects. Guess who commented on my wordpress site? Guy named "Todd" you know him? He professes to know and work with Taylor.

    It's on this post Spinshack.

  3. henry810:23 PM

    Have no idea who Todd might be, but I agree with him 99.9%.
    Its a business, hes trying to survive and thrive in it.It takes a lot of money to produce music. I have no hippy qualities. Barely getting by, takes all the purity of semantics regarding integrity, self-pride and honor right out of you. And frankly, I think self-pride is what makes you think your time is worth something. And if he didn't live well in New York can you imagine all the stories about what a flop and a failure he was there would be.
    Like it or not, Soul Patrol, is part of the brand. He said the soul patrol was invading Broadway and if he hadn't wanted people to realize that he wouldn't have mentioned it. I like the mans voice and music and whether he leans over occasionally and says Soul Patrol just doesn't mean diddly squat to me or to most of his new fans I don't think. Why would they care?

  4. henry8 it's just something to talk about and at least folks are talking. I care about him too, we have that in common. I'm just an ass sometimes.

    Sadly I am possessed of some hippie-dippy mental leanings, I suppose. lol

    I had a long day today, real life calling. Check the blog tomorrow.