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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Taylor Hicks - Watch out for the Trolls!

My thoughts are, what Taylor Hicks does NOT need now, is the current fan base getting swayed and manipulated by Trolls planted to disparage the vote. Taylor Hicks fans need to get wise to the Trolls. At this point in the competition you will find some very crafty and devious Trolls. Sometimes they are planted in the middle of the season, you can find them acting like true blue fans but, as PUSH time approaches they start spiels that can run like this; "Oh how I'd Hate to see American Idol do to Hicks what they did to Bo Bice", (or whoever). This type of manipulation plants the seeds in unsuspecting fans that may make them consider, "Yeah, wow, it could maybe not be a good thing that he wins this..."

Let's look at the flip side. Is Carrie Underwood hurting? Did she compromise ANYTHING? No, she is making country music, what she wanted to do all along, not singing Pop songs. Think about that one moment. Talk amongst yourselves....

I have had several Trolls enter into my articles on Blogcritics and troll their way into this blog. One comment, I published, written by 'anonymous' (of course, a very brave one, indeed), which I allowed as an example - you'll find them a few posting down. I've seen these types of 'stealth Trolls' on other sites as well. What is disturbing is seeing folks I know that are True Blue fans repeating the Trolls insidious mantras, not knowing any better, the comments getting to them - which is what these Trolls are trying to achieve - and then actually considering backing off the Hicks' vote for 'his sake'. If he wanted off - if Mr. Hicks did not want to win this he could just quit the bloody show and walk. Contract be damned. Capiesh?

Hell, let's ask ourselves, is he a stupid man? Absolutely not. Taylor Hicks knew this job was dangerous when he took it, he took it on anyway. He is a winner, a champion performer with a heart that has put me in mind of my favorite race horse of all time, http://www.secretariat.com/legacy.htm Secretariat. Losing is not an option. Taylor Hicks has been running a great race, as I have said in the past, "this 'dark horse' knows how to run a great race". He's not been ahead by a nose! The man has been flying ahead of the other contestants up until very recently, when the Trolls began their mantras and the AI machine began trying to work their "voodoo" against him. Like any great athelete (or great racehorse) Taylor cannot win every race, but when he does win, like with "Taking it to the Streets", "Living for the City", "Trouble," he leaves the others 20 lengths behind, eating his dirt, blinded by flying sand.

Taylor Hicks is in this to win so let's all pull our heads out of the sand, stop following the other sheep to the woods where the wolves live, and for Hicks' sake, stop parroting the planted trolls.


Groove on Soulman.

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