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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Roll Tide! and Taylor Hicks

Jay Reeves with Associated Press has put forth several articles on Taylor Hicks,' this one, Hometown Abuzz Amid 'Idol' Final featured in the Washinton Post. MSNBC featured Taylor Hicks’ Alabama hometown abuzz "Roll Tide and Taylor Hicks" signs were prevalent according to the reporter present.

For the proud Alabamians this is a perceived victory for their state, developing a name as producing some of the best contestants for American Idol. Ruben Studdard, season 2 winner, Diane Digarmo season 3 runner-up, Bo Bice, season 4 runner-up, and now Season 5 winner, Taylor Hicks.

My daughter attends the University of Alabama (Roll Tide)and she has commented to me how much excitement Taylor has brought to the area. Talk about Hicks dominating local news programs, area venues.

Hicks winning Idol has once again brought pride to the state and shows why the phrase 'Stars Fell on Alabama' can hold many meanings for the state.


  1. Sunny, Could he be the next Elvis?
    He indeed has what it takes.

    Thanks again for your site.

    I am soooo happy.

  2. We can make it happen for him! He's got the talent. ON Amazon his single is hitting #31. go get yourself a copy! We're trying to take him to number 1 asap!

    Stations are already beginning to play "Do I Make You Proud"!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. AU Tiger5:07 PM

    He went to Auburn and loves Auburn football, not UAT football.

  4. I am fully aware of where Tay went to college. I am not saying he went to Univ. of Alabama. What I said was at the B'ham convention center were a lot of posters waving "Roll Tide and Go Taylor". Reading is a skill taught in college too. I doubt that Taylor would have turned down voters from UAT what think you? What is your point?

  5. Anonymous11:52 AM

    I'm so happy Taylor won. I stayed up till 1am getting in all the votes I could.

    To answer his question, yes, I'm very proud of you, Taylor.

    You're the best!