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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dial Idol Predictions - and my wrap-up

Performance results on DialIdol last night:
1. Taylor HicksTaylor Hicks 31.638

2. Katharine McPhee 28.759

3. Elliott Yamin 28.286

Dial Idol has been correct more often than incorrect this season. Looks like Katharine's "Over the Rainbow" won't send her clicking her heels and going home. Simon picked a good one for her to perform. Sly Simon.

I'm not going to recap moment by moment, don't have the patience to go through that kind of run-down - plus most reviewers will be doing that today. Instead I'm going to do just a brief wrap up on each contestant.

Elliott was first up, his moment with Clive Davis was endearing, honest and put in the spotlight what a great guy he truly is; E. was gracious, self-effacing and so humble. His first performance was "Open Arms", by Journey, the overall pacing of the song felt off, especially in the beginning. Nerves might have been getting the best of him, I can only imagine, with his limited prior experience to 'Idol' that performing in front of Clive Davis, being in the semi-finals, pretty heavy and possibly daunting for Elliott. A very big night. His other performances were good but Elliott did not create that 'Idol Moment' that is so necessary in this show especially in the semi-finals. I did like "What You Won't Do for Love" (Bobby Caldwell) Elliott reminds me of Al Jarreau, such a nice jazzy soul groove.

Next up was Katharine, she performed Clive's pick, "I Believe I can Fly". It sounded country 'twangy', plus she maintained that annoying strange, 'I'm being so serene' smile on her face, and mugged like hell for the cameras. Its downright disconcerting watching her, that "Stepford Wives" plasticity in her features, movements. Too many talent shows or something when she was a tot. She comes across like McMother and McFather have directed and designed the perfect performing babydoll McDaughter. You know the performance ain't all that when the judges immediately start the focus on flattery about her looks. McFather wasn't none to pleased with the critique of his babydoll. Simon tried to prevent a rerun of McDad visiting the judges table by closing comments, "a couple of bum notes, but you sort of almost created a moment for yourself". (If it was 'almost', why bother to mention it?) Katharine's demeanor with Clive and then the judges was true to form Katharine. This little missy thinks she deserves more kudos than what she's getting, (McDaddy says so) afterall, per Ryan, 'I hear your causing an epidemic called McPheever'; I know I sure as hell haven't caught it. McPheever. How McCHEEse is that? agh.

Taylor's meeting with Clive Davis conveyed natural charm, he exuded classiness and maturity. If I'd have been sitting with Clive and he read the song to me in the way he read it, Bwahahaha! We would have had to do re-takes, and Clive would not like me anymore. (Taylor, I love you so much sweet man.) Clive Davis is examining Hicks, getting "Dancing in the Dark" by Springsteen was a Clive Davis test to see how The Soulman would pull it off. I loved how Tay included Paula, great inspiration (he saw the Springsteen MTV video with Courtney Cox too, I see) she was glowing afterwards. Paula could have had "A Moment" of her own, she came close to a wardrobe malfunction...never forget that double stick tape. Imagine the distraction! Would have been a true test of The Soulman's concentration under pressure. Today's 'Idol' news titles:
    "Taylor Hicks Dances Paula Abdul Out of Her Dress on Semi-Finals of American Idol"
. That would have been fun.

"You Are so Beautiful", yes you are Taylor. I want that one on the new CD. "Try a Little Tenderness" started out slow, I was concerned, but Hicks turned on the heat - Sizzlin'!. (Dedicating it to the Soul Patrol was absolutely adorable, and very smart *wink* show your love baby!)

Hicks received praise all around from the judges and by the sound of the audience he came over very strong in person. He did not deliver the "One Moment" Tuesday night, instead he delivered three. (and almost a Pauler moment) Each song displayed a different facet of Taylor, he is so The Real Deal.

As I said in comments about dear Elliott, he did not create that 'going to the finals moment' whereas McCHEEse did (finally) with her "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". What I'm afraid will happen is that One Song she did very well will carry her through. Remember Fantasia's "Summertime" - Fantasia wasn't all That Great during most of that dismal season, but she locked that one song fabulously and won. Hell, everybody cried. I even misted a bit. Career wise since, she's been riding on her really sad and traumatic childhood story. Live performances I've seen Fantasia do since "Idol" have been borderline awful and I've never even thought about buying her music. That doesn't take away the fact that when the time called for it - "That Moment" she delivered. It's the way this 'Idol' game is played. I predict that the finals will be Taylor and Katharine. She scored big with SOTR and we will sadly say good-bye to Elliott tomorrow night. I hope I am wrong. (My special friend has been quiet so far...will post if I get anything definitive today.)

(I will have no fingernails at all left by next week. None.)


  1. I had tried in previous weeks to be unbiased when doing my AI show, but this week Taylor was so far ahead of the competition. Much like your horse race analogy from your entry last week. The Dial Idol numbers are very close for the the bottom two contestants, but it seems (as I have said for weeks) that Elliott will be going home. I had to come back and find you, took awhile, I went to the other page then did a search and came here. I was looking for the white page that I found last week. Last night was the hottest ever.

  2. Girl600 Welcome to my blog! It certainly was the hottest night, glad you're off the fence and on the Soul Patrol.