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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

B'Ham News and LA Daily Square off

Top ten reasons to vote for 'their idol':

1. Song choices approved by Bruce Springsteen and reps for George Harrison. How cool is that?
2. Compare their dance moves. No contest.
3. Because he'd never, ever smile nonstop while singing "I Ain't Got Nothin' But the Blues."
4. If Elvis had a little brother, he'd look like Taylor.
5. "Saturday Night Live" doesn't spoof just anyone.
6. Because a soul man trumps an ice princess every time.
7. Gray is the new blond.
8. Taylor didn't wear Paula's tacky new jewelry line on camera.
9. With Soul Patrol, we're talkin'¤'bout a revolution. McPheever sounds like a sickness.
10. So Katharine's dad will really have a reason to cry.

Top Ten Reasons to vote for Katharine:
1. Kat had her "moment" when she sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," and even Cowell dropped his scowl. Has Taylor had his "moment"? (& forgotten her lyrics...)
2. Kat can navigate a car through the nation's busiest freeway interchange - the 101/405 in Sherman Oaks, the real "Malfunction Junction" - while talking on her cell phone, sipping a latte and doing her nails. Beat that, Taylor.
3. It's in the genes - Kat's mom is a vocal coach and dad is a TV producer.
4. More women have become "Idol" winners than men.
5. Better hair. That gray's gotta go.
6. "McPhee" sounds cooler than "Hicks."
7. Kat doesn't dance like she's being manipulated from above by strings.
8. Jerry Mathers, "The Beaver" in "Leave it to Beaver," went to Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, where Kat graduated.
9. Kat can sign autographs with both her right and left hands.
10. Kat knows how to make friends. In the final cut-down show for "Idol's" Top 24, she was so excited she kissed all three judges on the lips. Your turn, Taylor.

Fred Shuster, L.A. Daily News

Is it just me, or do McPhee's reasons just look like a real stretch? Multi-task driving, hair, and Jerry Mathers hardly rack up as deciding factors.

What do I know?

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  1. Anonymous1:36 PM

    All I can say is Go TAYLOR. We love ya.