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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

FOX News: The Next American Idol

"...Simon chose "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" for McPhee, and before she sang it Simon hoped she'd have the aforementioned "moment."
She did not disappoint. But I'm sorry, it was better when I played it back with my eyes closed.
Katharine McPhee has such a wonderful voice, but her performance is so affected it's very difficult for me to like her. Not to mention the fact that her pose laying on the stage floor was already cemented in "American Idol" lore by Fantasia last season.

Randy Jackson chose Joe Cocker's "You Are So Beautiful" for the king of the Soul Patrol.
Finally. Ever since Hicks' audition, when Simon was berating Paula and Randy for liking the silver haired crooner and Hicks mumbled, "hasn't this guy ever heard of Joe Cocker," I've been praying for him to do a Cocker song...Taylor pulled it off, and the judges I think surprised even Taylor. They said it was his best performance ever.
The difference between Taylor and the rest is that he is an artist. It's apparent that music moves him. That is something that cannot be faked, or compensated for with humility (Yamin), or longing looks into the camera (McPhee).
Wanting to be there and absolutley, positively having to be there are not mutually exclusive.

The contestants themselves picked their final song of the night.
Elliott didn't do himself justice. He picked Danny Hathaway's version of "I Believe," originally done by Ray Charles.
At this stage of the competition, he needed to blow the audience away with a familiar song. That was not the one. Simon Cowell was the only one to tell it to Elliott like it is...
Katharine McPhee did "I Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues," by Ella Fitzgerald.
Randy seemed insulted that McPhee continues to sing songs that were made great by legends in the business. Part of me agrees with that sentiment — how dare she think she's that good? But then again, if she doesn't believe that she's that good, who will? It's a catch 22.

Artists should never judge themselves, however, and by arguing and giving flabbergasted looks at the judges like they wouldn't know a good singer if they ran over one, probably won't help her in the long run.

With "Try A Little Tenderness," it's all over but the last episode for this season's "American Idol." Taylor Hicks is the next American Idol."

As it should be.
Groove on Soulman.


  1. Hi Sunni, I am so proud of Taylor.
    I know he will win it all.
    Wish KATHERINE was just gone already. Her head is swelling bigger every week. LOL

  2. Hi lady...So, what do you think now. Its got to be Taylor. Surely AMERICA knows real talent when they see it.
    Taylor all the way. :O) Go Taylor.

    SOUL PATROL..Loved the video last night when he went home to visit.

  3. Hey there gal! It has got to be Tay!!! Visit the gofish.com site to see all the public appearances downloaded by visitors to see Hicks.

    link to load music to your site:

    You have to find on line the mp.3 and insert it into her html formats. It's a great site - she has provided me with immense education over the past year I've been blogging.

  4. Hey thanks for mentioning my blog. So sad that Elliott left but now im rooting for Taylor!

    More Taylor clear videos on musebay.com

  5. You're very welcome. I love your videos. I don't have capability to put vids on like yours and want folks to see them so naturally I don't mind treating them to what you've got to offer! So glad to hear you're onboard with Taylor!