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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The 20 Things to Love about "Something"

Off of the boards at American Idol, I pulled this posters description of "Something"; it sums up the performance beautifully. (Thank you for allowing me to post it in my blog.)
'Texasfan4ever" wrote:

1. I LOVE how he slowly walks on stage in the beginning 2. I loved the look on Taylor's face (his mouth and eyes shift) when he sings the word "lover" at the beginning. 3. I love the LEAN to the side right after he sings moooooooves in that sexy way he did. I also love the way he let that note drag. Very sexy! 5. I LOVED how he moved his head to the side after he sang that line too as if he remembered the way she moved, and was like "DANG DO I REMEMBER" It was HOT!6. I love that the audience screamed right as he did that too! 7. I love the dip he did right after "You know I believe in how" 8. His intense beautiful eyes 9. I didn't like at 1 min. and 45 seconds into the song (at the end) seeing that Paula had pushed her chair back and Randy and Simon were talking side by side. 10. I loved the humming! 11. I loved the shy looking glance he gave right after he was done 12. I LOVED the "HOW YA LIKE ME NOW" stare he was giving to Randy while he was waiting! 13. I HATED Randy's LAME comments. That's ALL he offered?!?!?! It was a good song choice, then that other lame comment. Then we should have a Beatles night? Why did Simon think that was so funny? Had they talked about that during the song when they were side by side? Whatever Randy! 14. Paula was nice to Taylor. He had a sweet look on his face while Paula was talking! 15. Simon wanted to bash taylor, but knew after that one he couldn't say much! 16. I love the WOOO and then the second WOOOOO was even better! He was so relieved! 17. I love how sweet he sounded when he said Thank you Simon!18. "HAPPY ENDINGS" He was just glowing! He looks awesome!19. MORE than anything I LOVED LOVED LOVED that someone said "WE LOVE YOU TAYLOR" and EVERYONE GOT TO HEAR IT! Taylor looked so happy when he heard that. I love that Simon and Nigle heard it too! EAT THAT Randy! 20. "How much DO you love him?" Thanks Ryan!!!! We all know you LOVE Taylor too!Taylor just looked AMAZING! He looked so happy and relaxed. You can tell he went out there and did it HIS way and didn't care. I didn't like the comments Simon said about his song choice and how he was able to sing it, like there was tension there about it. After all the crap he's gone through about songs, I wanted to LOL when I heard Simon being critical over Something! He's a waste! Anyway, those are my FAVS from last night.

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  1. Anonymous12:57 PM

    To SunnyLovesSoul-

    I think that despite your details about what the judges did and said, you missed the one important and very complimentary exclamation by Randy that summed up his succinct critique to Taylor. Before the audience even stopped applauding and cheering for Taylor's performance, Randy simply said "WOW!!!" Then he paused while the applause continued before finishing his commentary ..... Listen again.