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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lythgoe's TVweek.com Breakdown: and Tay time for some "Blue Suede Shoes" Baby!

Nigel Lythgoe's Weekly Interview with TVweek.com about the top 5

Elliott - Nigel preferred Scott Savol's version of "On Broadway" from Season 4's Top 5 (Scott was eliminated that night). "But, Elliott's got such a wonderful voice, you can't knock him, I don't think," said Nigel.
Paris - Nigel said, "I thought she had a lot of fun with it, and showed that she's got two sides to her. There's this sort of smokey voiced Princess P and this fun dancing one. I much prefer her singing the smokey stuff...she is old fashioned in her style, she should be proud of that, and I think she should embrace that...she puts herself with too many other people who sing like that, and her second number with Mary J. Blige, too...there is something very special about Paris, at this moment in time people are saying...she is too precocious, because she shouldn't have that voice at her age. She's only 17, God has given her a wonderful instrument, and I hope she continues to sing like that. "
Chris - The interviewer said he and his family thought Chris's first song was the highlight of the night. "I think that Styx song was fantastic," said Nigel, "It was probably my second favorite of the night."
Katharine McPhee - Nigel's first favorite of the night was Katharine's performance of "Black Horse and Cherry Tree" About "Against All Odds" Nigel simply said, "I didn't like it."
Taylor Hicks - About "Play that Funky Music", Nigel said, "I thought he had great fun with it, and that continued on when he lay on the floor at the end, and Ryan took him back to the floor for his numbers. That just showed to me why we chose Ryan as a host. He used that moment brilliantly. It was another 'Brokeback Moment' on Idol, both of them lying on the floor there."
Elliott Pt 2 - "It might be my ear, but I thought Elliott was slightly out of tune on that. I don't think I've heard Elliott sing out of tune--it could possibly be me. I thought he was out of tune."
Chris Pt 2 - About Chris having a "voice breakdown" on "I Dare You"--Nigel said, "I don't know about that...he's got a gravelly voice and he uses that when he wants to, I just didn't really like that song. I thought the Styx "Renegade" was so much better."
Taylor Pt 2 - About Taylor singing a 30+ year old song for his Top 10 choice, Nigel said, "Well, we've always said they could sing from any chart, and there it was in the compilation charts...so he was entitled to use anything. It was just great to hear a Beatles song on American Idol. We only got it cleared because George Harrison wrote it, not Lennon/McCartney...delighted with him and I think as Simon said, 'it's nice to know you have a voice as well with all of the fun'...for my money, I think Taylor got it...nearly got it right on both songs. I think everybody else let themselves down on one of their songs.

The Top 4 will be taking a private jet to Graceland. I toured Graceland back in 1993. I have been an Elvis fan all of my life, and since we were on a raod trip that ran through Memphis, Hubby had to take me to Graceland. The Top 4 will be meeting with Priscilla Presley who is suppose to provide a tour. For a reason unknown to me, Tommy Mottola (?) is going to be there to provide the coaching with the Elvis songs. They'll each be performing two songs. I'm breaking out the E. albums later this evening and will post my favs.

If anyone has any thought regarding Mattola, hey, enlighten me.

Taylor, it's good you started breaking in those "Blue Suede Shoes" *wink* *wink* You're gonna rock the house next week!

Groove on Soulman!

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