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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Foxy Donna and I on Same Page

Reading Donna's article this a.m. she practically paraphrases my piece written earlier this week, regarding VFTW and Hicks, among other issues. I'm very pleased to hear she is so vociferously backing Hicks. Taylor Hicks is the most unique and talented entertainer to peek over the music world horizon in longer than I can remember. There are so many artists out in the music world now that are just copycats of each other; list of comparisons could fill up this page.

Taylor Hicks' name is being debated on The Official Soul Patrol.com, TaylorHicksfansite.com, and the American Idol Boards as well as many other of the (MJ's Big Blog) blog/websites that encourage chat. The debate concerns whether he should win this because of 'what AI might do to him' regarding his music. There are, I suppose well meaning, folks thinking he's better off to not win this because "they'll" change him. Well let me give you a hanky to dry those crocodile tears.

This is Hicks' life. He's in this competition to win it. Not be dubbed "The A.I. Also Ran", or "The A.I. Loser" (as I have seen Bo Bice wrongly titled in articles). To make it this far, none of these contestants are losers, but The Soulman entered this to win it, the majority of his fans want him to win it - and before you go speculating on whether 'it'd be good for him' based on what someone else said in a post on a site someplace, let me point out to you that there are a lot of 'trolls' roaming out there now - working their brand of influence to sway voters. The trolls are particularly nasty this time of year in this point of the competition in this show.

SO before you put any considerations into any of the postings that to win would 'not be good for him', if you are thinking about not voting tonight or giving your votes to another contestant to 'spare Taylor Hicks' from the 19E-vil, American Idol Machine, think again. Don't be sheep. Hicks wants to win this. I want to see the joy that would tranfer into a physically palpable reaction upon his winning this - I for one will be voting until I can't vote anymore for him tonight.

Groove on Soulman.

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