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Monday, May 22, 2006

Some Finale Thoughts

We've less than 48 hours to see the final competion performances of this Seasons A.I. Less than 48 hours to get those TEXT phones ready. It has been brought to my attention by several folks that the TEXTing votes will be the ones to put the contestant over the top. Here's one informed gentleman's run-down on how this voting situation comes down:

"Okay, here goes on why the AI voting system guarantees a micro-thin voting margin when it's down to the last two or three. I'll try to be as brief as I can.
The problem is that for any given second during the voting period, there are only "x" number of phone lines available to accept votes. (As any of us who have tried to vote, we know that all lines are busy the vast majority of the time.

Okay, for example purposes, let's say that for any given second, there are 1000 available lines to register a vote for each contestant. During that second, if Contestant A has 1100 people calling in to vote for them, and Contestant B has 2500 people calling in to vote for them, each contestant will be credited with exactly 1000 votes, since that's the max available. And that 1000 total votes per second will apply to each second during the voting period where each contestant has more than 1000 voters calling in, even if one, again, has 1100 per second and the other has 2500 per second.

Other than text message votes, the ONLY way one contestant can pick up votes over the other is in the limited number of seconds when less than 1000 votes are cast in a second for one contestant. In this example, say Contestant A receives 950 votes in one second, and Contestant B receives 2000 votes, Contestant B will gain exactly 50 votes over Contestant A (since 1000 is the max).

I hope this makes sense to everyone. The bottom line is that, with the voting system in place, it is almost impossible for one contestant to gain huge numbers of votes over another contestant, even if there is a huge difference in the number of people voting for each contestant.

The only variable is text messaging, which apparently does not have a per-second limitation. For that reason, my wife and I will both be text messaging a lot of votes tomorrow night. For Taylor, of course."

Tom Wilson

Thank you Tom for your information. We text as well as landline and cell phone call. (get your go-phone!)

One other interesting bit of news, we might see a former runner-up at the finale as well; Bo Bice is rumoured to attend - most likely with Caroline, his wife, they have been strong Taylor Hicks backers throughout this season.

Here's a posting I read that just gave me chills for some reason. "Azure" wrote it:

"That shy guy, who at his audition, said "Just give me a chance", has almost come full circle.
Wouldn't it be awesome to see the confetti falling down on "the real deal" for a change! Not just an American Idol, but a real American Dream! A guy who wants to have a bus to tour the country making music, maybe get a little place by a lake where he can look at the water, and have a girl, who can among other things, cook turnip greens. A humble guy, who is overwhelmed by his fans' support - It doesn't get much better than this!
We've got your back, Taylor! We love you - no matter what the outcome this week. Congratulations for making it this far, and thank you for the renewed spirit you've given us!
Let's rally round folks! TH needs all of our votes. Your time and effort will be rewarded when you see his smile on Wednesday night!"

Yes "Azure", it would just be awesome. And right.

She said basically what I was going to put in the blog this a.m., but rather I do it I wanted to use her comments as it just shows that we, who love Hicks, all seem to love him for the same reasons.


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