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Friday, May 05, 2006

Slimon Cowell: Singing a New Taylor Tune...

Yeah-yas! Baby! Slimon puts out a new prediction...
article by Lynda Johnson,

"A.I. judge Simon Cowell - never at a loss for words has again named his favorites as the contest hits the final four. The feisty Brit believes it might be an all male final, Taylor Hicks vs. Chris Daughtry.
He mentions that the lone female left standing Katharine McPhee should be considerd a dark horse in the competition and still should may make the final two.
American Idol Favorites Per Cowell: Taylor Hicks & Chris Daugherty.
That leaves Elliott Yamin on the outside looking in. At least in Cowell's eyes.
For once - I agree.
It's hard to see any combination that ends without McPhee, Hicks & Daugherty in the final three - sorry Elliott fans - and unless Katharine wows big time it should be Taylor vs. Chris for an all male final.
Chris is far more polished, but Taylor has fun and has an incredible fan base that votes early and often.
I'd love to see Katharine make it to the final as I think the male versus female ala Bo Bice versus Carrie Underwood last season makes for a better showdown, but it sure seems like a long shot at this point.

Can we give a big ol' WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Bye bye to McCHEEse, can it be eminent? Oh, McFather will be so mad... Kat will go Boo Hoo.)

Groove on Soulman! You can do it baby!!!

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