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Friday, May 12, 2006

Soul Patroller True North's Mission Statement

True North’s Report From Tuesday’s Dress Rehearsal

"I call on ALL of Soul Patrol right now! Wherever you are in the world. Gather ’round everyone, old and young, newbie and veteran, and new SPers. I have a message, and a plan. This is “The Gospel of Taylor Hicks” for the next two weeks.

If you read the “Umpteen Soul Patrollers…” thread, then you know that I was on the American Idol stage with Taylor during the May 9 rehearsal. You have read about his embracing me for a long 10 seconds there. I have not told anyone - ANYONE! about the following, saving it until this moment. I’ve told you that I felt I was up there representing Soul Patrol all over the world. I feel that what Taylor said to me is not intended just for me, but for all of Soul Patrol, world-wide. Fasten your seatbelts.

I said quietly, in his ear: “Do you really want to win this thing?” Taylor said: “I want it more than anything.” I said, “Well then Soul Patrol is going to give it to you.”
(I've been saying this all along - he is NOT Bo Bice!)

When we grasped each other’s hands just as I left the stage, we were making some really strong eye contact. I felt I was trying to say to him (right under Ryan’s nose…haha) “We’re going to give it to you.” His expression seemed steady and strong…like…”I believe you.”

That’s a serious promise I made him right there, and I feel the responsibility of it. We all should. Lv4Tay said that I looked “transformed” as I came down the stairs. Now you know why.

Soul Patrol, we have not invested this much heart, time and money in Taylor Hicks just to see him finish second or third in this contest. No Sir. I am giving this man what he wants from me no matter what. And so are you. That’s just the way it is.

It is time to dig down, people, and push yourselves beyond the limits of whatever it was that you thought you’d do for Taylor Hicks. He has sung his GUTS out for us. He has left his blood and sweat and tears on that stage week in and week out because, as Sean says, he wants to make us smile by giving us everything he has got. He has put himself through a meatgrinder and NEVER allowed anyone get his spirit down for long. With Soul Patrol’s backing, he comes back every single dammed time and wrings himself OUT giving to US!

He LOVES his Soul Patrol SO MUCH!

We have two weeks left - only two weeks - to give HIM, what he needs from US. And by GOD I tell you that we are SOUL PATROL and we are going to give it to him!

Time to remember for always, forever, Soul Patrol, "a change is gonna come" and we are making that change, getting Hicks the win spot on Idol, against all odds. We've got this one chance to send the message and vote IN HICKS!!!

FOUR MORE DAYS to the semi-finals. Yamin is hot on Taylor's heels....and never discount Kat. She's playing to win!

19E and American Idol Owe Taylor Hicks.


Groove on Soulman!!!


  1. I was wandering how that trip went. They listen to my show ad said they would share details with us. Good thing I found this, because an hour ago I was aking if there was a review of their Hollywood trip anywhere online. I'm gonna post this up on my page in the comments section.

  2. I've liked this person from first I read her comments on GrayCharles.com. She has a lot of passion for Hicks. (At first I thought she was a guy from her posts on GC.)