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Sunday, May 14, 2006

American Idols sing Elvis - all the Idols Elvis songs

Ms. Lea Frydman, writer, Elvis historian, has provided me with a link to her site on Elvis Presley. I found her website to be the most in-depth, detailed, informative Elvis Presley website I have ever visited. The site is title Elvis Presley News.com. I was fortunate that Ms. Frydman found my blog and was kind to leave me comments with her site's address. Lea Frydman's career as a writer involved writing biographies, film reviews and interviewing Hollywood celebrities for countless publications worldwide. More on Ms. Frydman including information on her publications and achievements. You can also purchase e.books on Elvis from her site with detailed accounts of different facets of The King of Rock 'n Roll's life. Pay Ms. Frydman a visit, leave her a comment on what you thought about the site and where you heard of it!

She has one page dedicated to the 2006 American Idol Elvis Theme Show with all the song performances on the page. Taylor Hicks being the first Idol's performances offered. Listening to "Jailhouse Rock" without actually seeing Taylor was almost eery - the resemblance in his vocals amazingly similar to Elvis'.

To Ms. Frydman, thank you for taking the time to comment and send me your link. It is an honor for me to have it on my site.

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