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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's Tuesday - American Idol Topic

I found the list of spoilers off of the DialIdol Forums. Of course, it's April Fool's Day, so who knows the accuracy, but supposedly this news coming from someone who was accompanying Dolly Parton at rehearsals this week. Dave Della Terza at VFTW thinks it's fake so we'll see later tonight.

Anyway here goes most likely nothing: Dave was right, this list was bogus, Spoilers this season haven't been worth the time to type them!

David Cook- "But You know I love You" Must be a rocker redux of this someplace...

Kristy Lee Cook- "Two Doors Down" (This should be ...interesting.)

Michael (Lee) Johns-"Islands in the Stream" (Most likely done in Eddie Veddar stylings)
I picked this video from A.I. Season 4, Top 4 performance (Bo Bice):

Carly (Hennessey) Smithson - "Jolene" ("Aah, that was my Mum's and me favourite when I was a wee lass in Ireland")

David Archuleta- "Travelin Through" Interesting choice, wasn't this a song about a transvestite? Sending messages there boyo? Tune was nominated for an Oscar, from the flick, Transamerica Soundtrack.
The soundtrack tunes review:
Editor's Review: Picking the score for a transsexual coming-of-age film is a solid challenge, but Duncan Tucker got it just right with the genre that sang of "identity" long before that term was stuck to "politics": country. Dolly Parton and others voice the film's distinctly American brand of loneliness and hope.

Kid's going for the sympathy come-back performance. Mark. My. Words.

Ramiele Mulabuy- "9 to 5" (agh. Saw the movie many years ago, it was cute, entertaining but this pairing, not seeing it.)

Brooke White- "Coat of Many Colors" Good choice for Brooke. Here's Dolly's story:

Syesha Mercado- "Eagle When She Flies"

Jason Castro- "I Will Always Love You" (I'm pulling for you, darlin'. Give this tune a new twist.) Reportedly he was Dolly's favorite.
Leona Lewis Version:


  1. All the performances were pretty good tonight. Brooke is my favorite, I think she'll be around for a while yet. I don't care what those silly judges say, Carley sucks!! LOL.. I don't care for her at all for some reason.

    Yeah, Jason will be around another week, he did very well tonight. Ramiele is my guess as to who might be leaving this week.. Time will tell, I guess

  2. I don't like Carly either; Brooke is my daughter's favorite, I like her too. She seems genuine.

    Dial Idol have B3 possibilities as Jason, Ramiele, Kristy Cook, Carly Smithson and Brooke.

    Simon's pimpage of Archuleta,whom I did not think was that good, worked. He was ridiculous on Syesha who was very good. He was so harsh on everyone to create the scenario his bosses want - a double Dave finale. It's how he can afford those $1million cars apparently.

    Remember when he tried that on Taylor? Never slowed the fans down.