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Monday, April 28, 2008

Taylor Hicks Goes a "Gala-ing" Again

Taylor Hicks is listed as a guest, set to attend the Derby Grand Gala. Accompanying him on the list of celebrities is Michael Jordan, Gabrielle Union and Chris Tucker. Dr. Ian Smith of Celebrity Fit Club, as well as basketball great Julius Erving - also scheduled to attend the party in Louisville. "Earth, Wind and Fire" to perform.

This is a fluff and glitter event that has since 2002, become an annual Derby Night party. This go-to race track event has historically featured a variety of A-list actors, athletes and artists. This year, though, for we commoners, the tickets for the event are sold out; if you just want more information check out the website, www.grandgala.com.

This is a high rolling charity event and the basic details can be found at Gala Overview. From what I can tell the female attendees outnumber the males and the majority of event attendees have incomes in the six-figure range. It's an expensive weekend with hype regarding charities but I haven't found out which charities are intended recipients. Maybe they are listed but I just did not take sufficient time to read through it all. Or, perhaps that's just their little secret.

Basically Taylor Hicks is once again in attendance at a charitable event as a figurehead to draw attendees. It's kind of like pimping that Mack Daddy of Soul in some regards. I suppose any exposure is good exposure. Certainly it sounds like a good time.

video c/o Frylock55

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