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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jason Castro, "I Don't Want to Cry"

Jason Castro video c/o acandler 72501

This guy is so pretty, so soulful.

Randy's at a beach luau, and Pauler wanted to be at that luau and Simon agreed with Paula. Jason is ranked third on Dial Idol. If he'd had just shed some tears like Cook, he could have upped that spot...coulda, woulda, shoulda. I kid.


  1. Haha Jason was a surprise last night! I didn't know how he was going to pull Mariah night off. Was that your top performance on the night?

  2. supergirl11:38 AM

    A friend of mine compared his version of the song to a "caress."

    I just hate this show for giving me another favorite. ARGH. Damn you, AI! Just when I thought I was out, they keep pulling me back in!

  3. dc, the guy makes me absolutely pay attention when he sings. Granted I like David Cook too, now; but Castro's my fave.

  4. supergirl, he just captivates me. Who knew Rene Castro could throw such a talented kid. (I've 'met' his Pop. ha.)

  5. hwy66gal9:56 PM

    I think he's so pretty. I love him and his dreads. And his eyes. And his voice. And his loveliness.

  6. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Don't think Jason has a chance to win but he could have a future in this business if he wants it. It seems like his performances are either really really good or really really bad. So, I guess he has to work on that and on his breath control and phrasing. But, that said he has a very different sweet voice. I do hope he's around at least up to the last three standing because I want to see what more he has to give us. I have a feeling the last three could be Jason and the two Davids.

  7. I'd love a finale with Cook and Castro. That would be entertaining.