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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The VFTW Winner is......

The Sun shines on Brooke White as the new VFTW pick. Apparently even though dear Castro had the highest number of votes from site members, Dave pulled a 'small print clause' and selected Brooke. (Note Garrett hiding in the Teletubby flowers.)

I understand the logic. What appeals to Dave and the mod-squad is the vulnerability of Brooke, the fact she seems poised any moment for a nervous breakdown and a 'holla!' for the men in white coats.

Here's to the new VFTW pick, this video one of my favorites and exemplifies her very qualifications for VFTW: "Here Comes the Sun" video c/o jooshua

You can't help but mentally laugh at the irony of her attire while singing, "Here Comes the Sun". That floofy dress, all chickie-peep yellow to fit the "Sun" part of the song; the yellow and amber lighting.

Love that quirky and inappropriate twirl and shout out of "Woooo!" The ending is fun too, that quavery note... I picked this video because you're spared the judging panel commentary, but to sum it up it wasn't their raving fave song from her. Personally, I'll never forget it.

So here's to a week, possibly two, of the VFTW Sun shining on Brooke White.


  1. hwy66gal3:28 PM

    I thought she looked like Big Bird. Tweetateedee. VFTW!

  2. Isn't it something that VFTW is overruling the public and choosing Sweet Sunshine? Don't they accuse the Producers of the same act?

    Sunshine may be ready for a nervous break down, but early on she had some very good performances particularly Let It Be. The VFTW losers must be grinding their teeth with no Sanjaya around this year.

  3. Yes, Maniac, they're rather bored. Sunshine shone bright on "Let it Be", one of the best performances of this season. 'Something happened', though and she's been rather distraught ever since. I think it was the "Wooo!" that escaped her during this performance. It was at least entertaining.

    Can't say the same about Syesha, she's remaining boring week to week. Hopefully she's out next.

  4. Anonymous9:44 PM

    I adore Brooke. I think it might be the Carly Simon's vibe I get from her. No, she won't win but hopefully she'll be able to record her music. I know I would buy it!

    My daughter can't stand her because of her "good girl" image..haha.

  5. Brooke certainly has that Carly Simon vibe and I'm a fan of hers. Thing is, the pressure is showing on Brooke and the Idol watchers and VFTW are honing in on that.

    She's sure to be okay later musically for her type of sound. She has fans.