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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Willie Nelson, Jason Castro Traveling Musings

I heard Willie Nelson's cover of "Gravedigger" for the first time yesterday afternoon. I have apparently arrived late on the Gravedigger song express as it was apparently released some months back. Politics aside, Willie Nelson remains one of my favorite artists to kick back and enjoy.

From what I have discovered, this song was written by Dave Matthews, Willie decided to cover it and have Kenny Chesney produce it. Interesting compilation of characters that created Mr. Nelson's version, that song and his most recent album, an absolute must have for anyone a Willie Nelson fan. This tune is compelling, haunting, and oozes with cool. The tone of the tune grooves in your mind long after you listen to it.

Looking at Willie you can't help but wonder how close he feels his own mortality. It's something we all mere mortals must face, death comes sooner or later. Sadly it comes sooner than it should for some.

Now something else hit me while listening to Willie's voice; how he phrases, how his voice catches, the nuances, I came to the realization of what it is within American Idol, Jason Castro's voice that I like. Granted Willie's voice is much lower, but Jason's patterns, inflections, the phrasing hold a similarity to Willie Nelson's.

Willie Nelson does not have a voice with great range, but he always brings heart, soul, as well as real emotion and honesty to his songs. Castro has that kind of magic. Listen to how his voice breaks, how he pulls from within himself. That's heart, soul, love and magic.
"Traveling Thru" Jason Castro

The kid's just getting started toward a career in music. Perhaps with that glimmer of Willie that lies within his vocal techniques combined with his heart, his soul, he may very well be looking at a measure of success. I thoroughly enjoyed him this week, he did that Dolly Parton tune similarly to the way she handles it.
"Traveling Thru" Dolly Parton

Last night, watching Castro's expressions as he stood waiting to discover whether or not he was again in the bottom three, I caught a new light in his eyes. Castro's Texan roots were showing more in ways more than in his wearing boots.

Going in, he was looking mainly for exposure, experience. Now perhaps he's thinking further beyond that initial goal. Castro's, been walking softly, time is approaching for him to reveal that big stick he might be carrying.

(My post about the contestants this week, in the 'saved box' of the blog, will have it set free to read soon.)

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