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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

American Idol Amazon Scandal - Real or 'Cooked' Up?

Well, as of yesterday American Idol's David Cook's pre-Idol music was available for sale on Amazon.com. As of today, if you click his tunes you'll see THIS. (Look at the 'Price' section.) *Correction* as of 2:00 p.m. today the album has been taken off Amazon completely.

It seems Cook's music was surpassing the newly released Mariah Carey CD, E=Mc2. David Cook's independently released, Analog Heart was charting at - "Holy bill of rights, Batman!" - yes, David Cook was hitting the Number one spot on the sales charts. As that unique event occurred, "poof" went the ability for folks to purchase David Cook's pre-Idol music.

Rumors on-line have varied between David Archuleta's stage-Pop getting involved as well as the show itself determining it inappropriate for Cook to have his tunes for sale while he's undergoing the competition. Rumors also circulating (and this one may have legs) the producers were seeing the big bucks not hitting their pockets, and likely we will see a re-release of this CD with Idol producer's backing. The new release of course, termed a 'remastered work', or some other form of bullshit. It's all about the "moolah" with American Idol - and the music biz - just ask BMG's recently demoted Clive Davis.

My question, is to ask the validity of this move, or should I say removal, of David's CD from Amazon when nothing was done to squelch the sales of other artists of seasons' past? Consider Bo Bice and Taylor Hicks - both had independent works out on the market while they were competing on the show. More importantly, top that thought with the fact that the gal from Ireland with the angry faces, Carly Hennessey aka Carly Smithson, right now still has her CD on the market available on Amazon for the folks interested in purchasing that Pop pablum. Where is the equality for David Cook and the fairness? Hell, what am I thinking? I'm talking about American Idol.

I have to add - Cook's CD is pretty good, comparable to that Finger Eleven CD I bought recently. The guy definitely belongs on the charts, he's going to hit success and we might see him eclipse his rumored pal, The Daughtry, in the sales department once he leaves this reality show. I find David Cook's vocals superior to what I've heard from Chris D. overall. I also love Cook's personality so much more than that evidenced in The Chris.

I'll close with saying I am flabbergasted about this turn of events for David Cook. I don't agree with the actions taken against his CD.
David Cook, "Billie Jean" video c/o bonk65

lyric bridge:
People Always Told Me Be Careful Of What You Do
And Don't Go Around Breaking Young Girls' Hearts
And Mother Always Told Me Be Careful Of Who You Love
And Be Careful Of What You Do 'Cause The Lie Becomes The Truth


  1. Does anyone know the official reason for the album being taken off Amazon? This is the only post/blog/etc that I've been able to find that acknowledges it. I, too, am shocked that it was done, yet Carly's remains accessible. Luckily, I had purchased it before this weekend and have been listening to it incessantly (it really is GOOD!), but I admit that I've been logging into Amazon often to watch it climb the charts. What's the deal?

  2. Rachel, that's the real thing isn't it? No word on why, just the music removed from sale once it charted at number one. What that tells me is the rumor #2 may be coming from someone with substance.

    Certainly if David's going to make a massive hit out of that CD the show will want a cut, yes?


    We might hear the show address this issue tonight since the blogging press is certainly talking about it. But I won't be surprised if we don't.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. well, bo and taylor didn't have theirs on amazon. Their sales came more "under the table" . I really don't know the story on Bo but i remember reading that Taylor "forgot" to tell Lazers Edge to quit selling his. I believe Cooks was taken down till AI finds a way to get their hooks on part of the money and I have to wonder if they aren't already with Carly since she had some connection before AI. I have forgotten exactly what it was. I think Taylor was able to sell so many of his independents,that they couldn't touch a dime of, that they don't want that to happen again. Just speculating.

  4. Hi henry8, I'm happy to see you post. No this isn't anything like Taylor's or Bo's this could be the story that takes the show into another level of legalese.

    Guess who sported the info for me? No, not who you know as one of the Mfoya - rather who I met as being the real deal.

    Again, please, let us talk again. I missed you.