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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On to the Top Five: Jason Castro - Safe!

Top Five left standing Jason, Syesha, David Cook, Little Archie and Brooke White. Now let's review why Brooke is still on the show... Could it have any little thing to do with THIS?

I think so.

May the force be with you Brooke-wan-Kanobe.

Let's all say it together, ... Vote for the Worst!

How about that Maniac? We helped to save your SunShine, and man, don't be so harsh on her, she's a delicate flower.

(Seriously, if dear readers, you are not familiar with this blogger go check him out - he's Primo; muy inteligente, si. Politics + Idol, just doesn't get much better.)
Here's to Jason, "Hallelujah"!


  1. Frankly, I'm totally stunned Sunshine is still there> However, I have to admit I'm already softening on her after being so mad about her stop and start routine. Lord Andrew said her reherasal was flawless and now we can have to hope she will translate that next week live.

    As for Carly, that was no loss. She had a good voice, but America would never fully embrace her. She is way too sullen for her own good.

  2. You certainly were mad at her! ha -

    Did you hear about her behavior during commercials after she was found safe? Apparently she collapsed on the couches and had to have Paula and the gang comfort her. She's such a baby. ALW said she'd make a great actress, seemed really fond of her. Likely with his background he has an appreciation for those who can spontaneously burst into emotion. Rather a high maintenance chick.

  3. Wow. Our Sunshine is quite the nutter. You would have thought that she would have developed a thicker skin after all these weeks of being in the limelight. Poor Sunshine. She needs to really spend some time on the couch.

  4. Anonymous8:52 PM

    I'm glad the plant is gone. She stayed just long enough. Think Jason and Sunshine were very lucky that people just didn't connect with Carly.

    Still think Archie is going to win, with Cook in second. I really like Cook. He's my third favorite Idol contestant of all time.


  5. Yeah, Big Head Cook has completely grown on me. Love his voice. Love his personality. I'd like a Castro Cook finale. What would be Golden - Archie booted in the 3rd spot.

    Yeah, I can dream.