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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Jason Castro Naked?

'Jason Castro naked' is just one of the most frequent single keyword searches that brings visitors to Idol Blues these days. That said, I decided to go ahead and name a post in honor of that apparent wanted desire so many of the guy's fans seem to be longing for - that said, I can't deliver the 'goods' - nor would if I had them. (Insert maniacal laugh track.)

I'd like to see Jason, not naked, but if I could dress him this week, I'd have him wear black, head to toe, cowboy boots to match. (You know, if he was like my real life Barbie-Guy.) I'd get big silver rings to hold his dreads. I knew a guy once who had long dreadlocks, he would band them back with silver hair rings he said he received as a gift, they looked so amazing. He was amazing looking...

This week on American Idol we viewers will be treated to yet another glorious (not) theme week. This must be the season of Theme weeks. Whatever happened to contestants getting to select and perform the types of songs they like? Anyway, Neil Diamond has been selected as the guest mentor to follow Andrew Lloyd Webber. Naturally there is a reason for this, Neil Diamond has an album set to drop soon, his new work is being released by Columbia Records, produced by Rick Rubin, titled, "Home Before Dark".

I remember as a really small kid while visiting a friend's house to play, her Mother was playing some music on their stereo. Next to the stereo was an album standing up with an image of a guy in a ponytail and hat. The name 'Neil Diamond' was on the cover. I have searched high and low for this particular album cover but can't find it anyplace. Another blogger who runs a Neil Diamond site emailed me saying that the particular album cover I'm looking for is a rare find; Mr. Diamond had taken those tunes and remastered them with a new photo on the cover. The original album was released in the '60's during the heydays of 'hippiedom' but later considered not in his image any longer to sport the long hair. Truth to this? I have no verification, but makes a somewhat interesting point to include.

Speaking of keywords, I like to set my email to various 'google alerts' just for fun. You can never tell what the minds in the 'alert' division may deem worthy of a send up or a match. Sometimes I think many of them in the robot-o-tron department have simply a great wicked sense of humor. Occasionally though, you make a clever find that may have slipped past you unnoticed without the alert team.

Today, this blog popped up under the 'Taylor Hicks' alert even though the piece was written about Jason Castro. The writer includes a cleverly written post and says what I basically think of Jason, the show and the concept of this reality project called, American Idol. The blogger runs, the Everyone is Entitled to My Opinion blog on my favorite blogger venue, blogspot.

The blogger, "Everyone", as I'll dub them, includes these gems about Castro:
Jason’s studio version of “Memory” is exquisitely sad and haunting while his lower register and falsetto are more assured than ever. When you listen to his recordings in chronological order, his growth in vocal confidence, range, and expressiveness are hard to discount. His fans include serious music aficionados such as Chris Sligh, John Norris, Michael Slezak, and me.

For Neil Diamond night, I hope Jason will perform “Red, Red Wine” UB40 style and accompany himself on the drums – standup kit, bongos, congas, I don’t particularly care which. “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon” or “Solitary Man” would be excellent guitar strumming choices. However, Urge Overkill recorded a modernized version of the former and Cookie might already have dibs on it.

"Red Red Wine" by UB40: video c/o Ventorianer74

I think Jason Castro could do this tune, insert Dallas instead of New York. Cheesy perhaps, but would work:
"I Am I Said" - video c/o froy2

The LA Times has another article up with numerous comments on Jason Castro, Jason Castro's Wacky Gift. Jason's fan base rallied to the article posting their support of Castro. This article featured what the devoted Dreadheads had done for Jason over the past week.

The Dreadheads on the A.I. MyIdol boards, took donations and sent the guy balloon bouquets to console him after last week's bad press and his illness which wasn't mentioned by the show. It seems there was an over 30 page thread that was deleted by the Moderators the other day featuring this event. The balloon donation stemmed from Castro performing last week with a temperature over 102 degrees (up to 104 on some sites) and was fatigued from that illness. Reportedly Castro was on an IV up to and following performance time. Unlike previous performers who have had the fact they were sick while performing talked about on-air, Castro's illness was ignored.

This, the show ignoring his being under the weather, has added fuel to the fire that he's being set up for a fall by the show, this turn of Idol storyline is creating an increase in the fans rallying even stronger behind him.

Jason Castro's fan base and their dedication reminds me increasingly of the caliber seen for Taylor Hicks' during his run on the show. I might add though, and importantly, the "Dreadheads" as they call themselves have been avoiding the mindset of 'troll-bashing' and fight mentality that still is evidenced by some of Taylor Hicks' fans, in the "Soul Patrol" today. Jason's fans stress the no-bashing rules and have behaved admirably in support of their favorite. It's all peace and love, psychedelic painted buses - and brownies - on the A.I. Boards supporting Jason. The official fan listing on this site where the Idol's are 'born' for Castro is on this link. Anyone checking the list can see names of the same folks who backed Taylor Hicks in Season FIVE. Uncanny really.


  1. SixxFan7:15 PM

    Sunny, the reason everyone is sunshine & rainbows on the AI boards for Jason is because that is the way they behave UNTIL the show is over. I witnessed it during the Taylor days. We were always told to not knock the other contestants, go to the other folders when someone was voted off and wish them condolences, etc. It's all a ploy to get the other fanbases to vote for your fave. Taylor fans USED to be this way, but I knew then, as I do now, that it was a well-crafted ruse.

    As far as Jason's illness goes, Amanda was also sick on the night that Simone told her to smile. She said she didn't want to use it as an "oh pity me" vote, so she didn't say anything. Jason may be the same way. There's also David Cook who refused to discuss his brother's cancer on air. Just an FYI.

  2. I knew Amanda was sick. She's a cool gal, I enjoyed her.

    I have commended Cook for not using the brother as a sympathy tool. I like him very much for that, as well as the orange band for the little girl.

    Thing is the show's made a big deal over other contestants feeling sick and no mention Jason was. Too, even though no mention by Cook regarding the brother, when his brother did get to visit the show, producers made him visible. Too the press had it out regarding his condition. Show leaked all that for him. Not blaming him though, he's not milked it. He's handled it like a man should, I feel for his family and his bro.

    Regarding the Taylor days, on the board there was talk about the trolls and chrolls and 'slaying trolls', 'reporting trolls' plenty. This mainly carried out by a select few to a big degree, and you still find them out there now rabble rousing.

    General forum would get pretty rowdy with the infighting. That's not the type of thing on-going for Castro's crew -yet. OF course - things can change, it's going to get intense from here on out should he last another week. Producers are gunning for him though.

    For the most part, I find the Idol Boards rather boring this season. Taylor's era I was on there constantly, esp. "TuesTays". ha. Even last season playing the Sanjaya board was such fun. How they loved my "Little Engine That Could" story. Sabrina played that thread to the hilt. She brought my story from blogcritics.org to the Idol Boards before I even had a chance. She loved the story and how the sweet Fanjayas loved it.

    Sab created a great picture for it too. She's very good with chops.

    Good times.

    This season I just pop in and then out just to see what they're up to. Not near the number of responses like during season FIVE. (See, I did it! I wrote FIVE.) LOL

    See ya on the Worst.