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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Taylor Hicks Subs for Paul Finebaum

Taylor Hicks fills in Paul Finebaum Show It's a long listen, but this is the general recap of the time recorded:
Claudia was first to talk to Taylor and mention the first annual "Soul Patrol" convention. Taylor Hicks told Claudia, to keep the Soul Patrol going. Whatever that involves.

Next caller announced she was from the New England Soul Patrol, her name, Kimberly from Nazareth, PA. Kimberly proceeds to babble nonsensically for about ten minutes before getting to her query which, circulated around sports' fan talk. I have no idea her point, she's like following Paula Abdul. I couldn't wait for her to get off the line.

Hoover Alabama, brought a guy named Joe. Joe was full of praise for Taylor making Alabama proud. The reason for his pride in Hicks was stated that he liked how Taylor has stayed true to himself, not gotten caught up in any of the entertainment gossip rag stories, basically. Joe apparently has not kept up with Taylor on-line, likely a good idea considering. Joe asks Hicks about Idol this year and asks him who he likes, Taylor says he likes the "Irish singer". He does not mention her by name. Perhaps he forgot it.

Mary Jean in Atlanta, GA was up next. That must be Jeanni from Chill's site. She pretty much identified herself by the opening conversation on Chill's. I was struck by how sane she sounded. Seriously. Mary Jean sounds very different from the way that she comes across in her writings on websites. I was quite frankly surprised at how composed she sounded. She asks Taylor about his upcoming trip to Italy and wishes him well.

Some guy calls and asks him who he is. He calls himself, Iman or so that's what it sounded like he said. Apparently he's a regular caller, but since I'm not a regular listener I have no idea. Obviously this call was staged, aimed at funny. He asks Hicks, aren't you the guy who sent me that demo tape? They talk Waffle House, Waffle House hamburger steaks and the Waffle House Jukebox.

Josh in Decatur called about Taylor playing at the War Eagle Supper Club again. Taylor relayed that was one of his favorite gigs from the past.

Kristen, Hamilton, NJ called and they passed the hellos back and forth, "Whomp at the Warfield" DVD question popped. Taylor said there were issues in clearing the music for publication. Getting music cleared is something that must be done when covers of other artists are used. Taylor had said following her question about more touring, that he was "itching to get back on the road" and Kristen followed with "we're itching for you to get back on the road". (Lots of itching.)

Rhonda, Montgomery, AL said she saw him at the Hall of Fame. Asked about being paired with Joe Namath and Bo Jackson, charity held at Regions Classic. I'm not real familia with the Regions, but I'm sure most everyone else is. Rhonda then let everyone know her birthday is in September, so she's hoping the CD drops by then.

Mark from Birmingham, AL had a father who was a big Taylor Hicks' fan. Mark said his late father had said Taylor reminded him of Elvis, and wanted to know if Hicks' had any intentions about performing gospel or recording gospel. Taylor just mentioned he wasn't that educated on the gospel side of music, but was open to considering it.

I thought it a shame that the music featured on this show was from the post-Idol CD whereas his earlier music a better representation.

Taylor commented that he felt the reason he was so good live and in the studio could only be attributed to his experience level. He talks about the live performance experience essential for being successful on Idol. He mentions the competition regarding the show being essentially similar to a sporting event.

He was questioned by the show as to whether the other contestants might have felt intimidated by Taylor's experience in performing on A.I.6. Taylor looked at A.I.5 (FIXED) as being his one shot for positive National exposure and so his goal was to stay focused and win that moment.

Tuscaloosa, Moneesh (sp?) was curious about direction of his next CD considering the situation that happened with Freemantle, et al. He says his current direction and writing style is 360 degrees from what he originally thought the CD would go. He wants to make sure this CD is a great product and now he has the time and the creative control. He emphasizes that aspect.

Lanay from Birmingham, was excited about the new album and the Regions golf event. She brings up the producer aspect regarding the upcoming CD. She asks if he'll produce it himself, he takes a we'll see approach.


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    Hey, Sunny! I noticed that you keep mentioning Season 6 as the season Taylor was on. He was on Season 5! Just thought you might want to correct that as you mention it in your blog quite a bit.


  3. Hi Sixx, I'm an idiot. My last post, yesterday, I managed to type the right word.

    I know what season he was on for hell's sake, but sometimes my damned fingers type six instead of five and the gray matter in my head doesn't catch it.

    Chalk it up to too much 'fun' resulting in too many gray matter cells killed in my lifetime. Hell, by the time I'm 60 - notably I'll be in full on dementia. ha. I won't have to worry about typing the right words, I'll have completely forgotten about typing period. *sigh*