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Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Next VFTW Pick?

Looking over the remaining cast of characters on American Idol, I think Jason Castro should be the next logical choice. Of course, I thought that when Amanda left, but it wasn't up to me. (Hi Dave.)

Coming into the Finale stretch, the contestants need to focus on finishing as high up the 'food chain' as possible. The Idol viewers are a forgetful bunch, and I'm likely one of the most forgetful. It's that whole attention span thing. And shiny objects. I have this tendency to get distracted by shiny objects. Amanda Overmyer was the first shiny object, so to speak, in this season's offerings that snagged my attention, but closely followed by dreadlocked darling, Jason Castro. I must say he's prettier than Amanda, but she had that whole biker sistah gig going on.

Vote for the Worst remains largely misunderstood concerning what that site is truly all about. The funny guy running the whole shebang, has to be one of the most clever site owners surfing the www. wave. I doubt there are any sites offering the quality of photoshops found on the site. Too, the inquisitive and intelligent residents of VFTW are usually numero uno at unearthing the dirt on the show's contestants.

The biggest misconception regarding VFTW - it's not (usually) about the Worst performer or singer. Instead it's more about backing the contestant seen as the least likely wanted to succeed by the show producers. I think it's safe to say, most folks by now have grappled with the reality that this show is not about discovering the truly best vocalist among the struggling singers trying to enter the show. Rather it's about the 'casting' of a select group of performers to snag the highest ratings.

The contestants during tryouts, are decided upon from the thousands seen to flesh out the widest demographic, hence attracting the broadest market of potential viewing audience. It's about casting a program that will fill the seats at home and keep them coming back. This season we've seen the highest number of contestants ever, that have had floundering musical careers. Several have had record contracts already, and many have had wide previous experience at performing in front of crowds. Think Carly Smithson, Michael (Lee) Johns, David Archuleta, David Cook, Kristy Lee Cook. Hell right now on Amazon you can purchase all these contestants' CDs and mp3 downloads:

I'm sure there's more music to be found 'out there', but it's been a busy two weeks of traveling and paid employment gigs, so I'm just a tad exhausted.

Returning to the subject of the VFTW new pick, I'm thinking Jason Castro the right fit. He certainly isn't the worst singer, but the guy's not who the show has in mind. Right now the producers have their monied little hearts beating in earnest to the tune of a Double David Finale. It's not unlikely that banners are being created as I type to have hanging outside the theater, in anticipation of the poetry of the moment.

Regarding Kristy Lee's ousting from the show, I have my doubts she had the lowest number of votes. I noticed that Ryan did not say that either. I must say, Kristy handled her ousting and her 'out-sing' as gracefully as Amanda Overmyer. Randy did look a little sad to see her go, he's been carrying the "I'm Hot for Kristy Lee" flag all season. I think, rather like how the show kicked Sanjaya to the curb, the small print clause was brought into effect.

Speaking of Sanjaya, I had that boy pegged as a VFTW pick from day one. He bravely rose to the occasion and made me so proud for him. Malakar was my Little Engine that Could". The boy would not let adversity stop him, even in the form of a caustic British judge. The performance that sealed the deal of his VFTW 'worthiness' was his performance of The Kinks' "You Really Got Me". He was brilliant that night, hair to toe. Regarding actual singing, the song that stands as dear Sanjaya's best performance, the one in which he showed he could sing, "Besame Mucho". I was like little Ashley Furl watching him sing that song.

Since I'm taking a moment to trip memory lane, I have to talk Taylor Hicks for a moment. Taylor was one of the characters cast designed to attract and appease a certain market. The beauty of this, the glorious surprise that came out of season five (thank you Sixx) how spectacularly the show underestimated his perfect fit into that very demographic they were shooting to maintain. Taylor was like an amazing runaway train that ran the tracks full speed, from the beginning to the end of the season.

Taylor Hicks was eventually selected by VFTW in that season for his entertainment factor, his brass, his fierceness. It's completely likely Taylor would have won without support from VFTW but he stands as a prime example of the reasons for VFTW choices. During season six, it was such fun reading the press from Cowell on the horror of having Hicks win. Loved watching the show squirm, as week after week Taylor charged through without a B3 ranking. Taylor Hicks, from the moment he made top 24, wasn't who the show had in mind for the grand melismatic finale, yet there he stood as the confetti poured down. Hicks was a perfect Unlikely Idol.

Saying all that, regarding this reality show I love to hate, or hate to love - whichever; Jason Castro makes the most sense of anyone left. Brooke is way too crybaby, Syesha just too bland, Carly too annoying, although there's ton of material to go with on her. I'd love Castro to at least do as well as sweet Elliot Yamin and pull third. Chances of Jason winning this show are slim, the Archuleta machinery was in place from the beginning. That said, of the two Davids, I'd love to see Cook win this. I like his voice, he hasn't parlayed his sick brother as a sympathy tool to his credit, and David Cook seems to want the win more than anyone. Man, his tears the other night made me cast some votes his direction with one of my phones. (Darling Man had to vote for Kristy Lee, he didn't mind.)

David Archuleta doesn't seem like he's really in this to win, more his Daddy Dearest's idea, from the stories emerging from the show. Darling Man and I discussed the fact that we seem to be completely missing something with this boy. I don't hear the greatness regarding his vocals that some folks have raved about nor see entertainment or star power behind him. Must be something wrong with us. I mean, even after three glasses of merlot the other night, he just doesn't hit that resonate chord within my tortured heart. I just don't get anything from the boy.

Conversely, when my dreadlocked darling Jason Castro sings, something magical happens. Jason has an ability to completely hold my attention for the entire 90 seconds he's singing. He's so pretty. I love the sound of his vocals, real, emotional, different. Too, Darling Man is beginning to detest him as much as he did Taylor Hicks, which shows how on target I am in picking a "winner". Nothing like making D.M. shout "Shut the fuck up talking about that guy!" as he storms out of the den. It's amusing too, how when we're watching the show, he just stares at me and says, "That's sick, you're absolutely sick", as I sit quietly mesmerized and all about Castro for that short time.

I'd love to see Jason Castro pull the impossible. One thing, his fanbase, locally and otherwise has recognized the need to pull behind him. Add that the VFTW contingency and it's at least within fantasy levels. A David Cook, Jason Castro Finale would be beyond cool. How great it would be to see the confetti falling into Jason's dreads. That would be completely Fantard worthy. Darling Man will just have to understand.


  1. Sunny,
    my take is that VFTW just hasn't been as effective at keeping people in the contest as they were in past years. I do think the guy's quite funny at times though.

    Dialidol has noticeably been off this year. I think they had Kristie Lee safe and Syesha out..In fact syesha's been in last both of the last two weeks.

  2. Yeah, Della Terza's great fun, but the site's lacking that cohesiveness. Part of this is due to some of the posters on the site that have taken upon themselves to be like VFTW 'watchdogs'. They run off the "n00bs" as they refer to them.

    Too, anyone dare comment remotely flattering to any contestant outside their picks, and that poster is berated. It creates a lack of unity and replaces that with division - ergo readers/members decide not to cooperate and vote.

    Too, many of the older worsters are not thrilled with this season's crop of wannabe winners. They're bored.

    Dial Idol has been borderline useless this season. It's way off and supposedly that was due to some glitch. That glitch not completely fixed obviously. That or the producers are installing that small print clause and just evicting at will. It could happen.

    I really thought Syesha would go this week, the gal's just not seemingly driving any on-line fan base.

  3. SixxFan4:19 PM

    sunny, I thought I posted this, but maybe I didn't. You mentioned Taylor being on Season 6 in this blog, but it was Season 5.

    As far as VFTW goes, I couldn't agree more with you. The problem is they are driving away new posters and it isn't even the Mods who are doing it. A seasoned poster there tried to point that out, but was pretty much told to shut the F up.

    Awwww, well...it isn't my site so who am I to say anything. I just know that I wouldn't allow even the most seasoned posters to get away with that crap of telling newbies off. My thought would be to edit their posts and say, "The Moderator will handle this. When you become a mod, then you can moderate. Until then STFU!"

  4. Yeah you did Sixx, I just keep putting the dude in season 6 - see my note to the side. Moron am I, ha.

    Yeah, the kids at VFTW were getting on my nerves with their trying to seem so omnipotently important. It's starting to hurt the site and take the fun out of it.

  5. SixxFan7:25 PM

    Problem is, the seasoned posters there are not kids. They are adults in their mid to late 30's. If you look at the date that some of them joined (a year ago), then look at their post count! Wozzoooo! There's like 10,000 posts next to their name. Don't get me wrong, I love that site! The owner of the site is very nice and understanding too. I just don't want to see it go down in flames like TMS (tee hee).

  6. Neither do I, it's one of the best sites out there that's certain. Yeah, I like Dave, he's unique.

    Regarding TMS what a joke that's turning out to be.